Sitemark cleaning up at University of Westminster

SOURCE: University of Westminster
University of Westminster campus.

By U2B Staff 

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In need of some assistance procuring cleaning services for their four sizable campuses, the University of Westminster (UW) has enlisted the skills of Sitemark to help with their procurement process.

Covering the university’s London buildings, the cleaning contract will include both academic and residential buildings, serving more than 19,000 students and staff.

Sitemark will provide an assessment of potential contractors based on the requirements of the university and their in-depth industry knowledge in best practice.

The process provided my Sitemark will also enable UW to develop a partnership with its prospective cleaning contractor, and identify those with the best practice that are also cost-efficient.

The aim is to save the university money in the long run as well as improve the environment in which students and staff live and work.

With their experience, Sitemark can find the most efficient way to clean the premises to the standard UW requires and can provide support after procurement to ensure consistent and high-standard service delivery through a productive workforce.

Sitemark has compiled independent assessments of almost 300 facility management providers to help the university determine the requirements that most appropriately fit their needs, with the aim of sorting the wheat from the chaff.

The purpose of the exercise is to distinguish between those service providers that just deliver a good pitch and those that actually deliver consistent, efficient, and effective results.

“We are delighted to be supporting the University of Westminster in fulfilling this extensive contract,” Managing Director at Sitemark, Mike Boxall, said, as reported by FMJ.

“The focus is very much on working with a partner to deliver an innovative, sustainable and best in class cleaning service and we are excited to be helping the team understand more about how to meet their requirements cost-effectively and efficiently.

“Our experience allows us to draw from our work at over 40 other UK university sites where we have helped both client and service provider implement best practice methodology.”