Sodexo extends catering contract with City, University of London

Sodexo has extended its catering contract with City, University of London

By U2B Staff 

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Food services and facility management company Sodexo has extended its catering contract with City, University of London (City) and added new business to their ever-expanding capacity.

Sodexo is an expert in university catering services and has been working with the university since 2014, offering catering services at the main Northampton Square campus. As of Monday, the company can now include Cass Business School into their scope of services.

As one of the biggest names in global food management, the French company is moving with the times and is largely installing healthy food outlets on the City campus.

As part of the new contract, Sodexo will be relaunching the campus’s main restaurant with new offers including its Planted street food outlet, featuring Oumph!, a 100 percent plant-based meat alternative made from soybeans, salt, and water.


This commitment to green and clean living is fully in line with the university’s dedication to sustainability.

In July, City was named the greenest university in London in the People & Planet’s University League Table.

The league, which appraises a university’s sustainable effort by their environmental and ethical performances, positioned City eight places higher than its nearest London competitor.

Focusing on 13 areas including waste and recycling, energy sources, sustainable food, and carbon reduction, City scored an average of 66 percent and landed itself a 1st-class award in sustainability.

Of course, there are always the staple campus favourites of pizza places and coffee houses. Dough & Go pizza and Starbucks coffee will also be available from the University’s Courtyard Café.


Sticking with the social focus, City is also including local social enterprise Change Please on their campus as part of the F&B offerings. This startup with a conscience provides support for the homeless by contributing a portion of the money from every cup of coffee they sell. They empower the homeless community by providing them with full barista training, jobs paying London Living Wage and support with housing, bank accounts and mental wellbeing.

Sodexo will extend its university catering services to Cass Business School’s Bunhill Row and Aldersgate sites, where it will introduce new concepts such as food-style menus and cuisines to cater to students, staff and visitors.

“Over the last five years, Sodexo has proven itself to be a valuable partner to the University,” a City, University of London spokesperson said.

“With its global resource and expertise in delivering catering services for other leading business schools around the world we are excited to see how Sodexo will transform the food services for this part of our University.”