Going global: University of Northampton to train engineers in Qatar

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The Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar

By U2B Staff 

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The University of Northampton is going well beyond its borders and sharing its expertise in sustainable engineering to help train up a new generation of Qatari professionals in green development that will help the country, and the world, make greater progress towards crucial carbon targets.

While travelling to the Middle Eastern country, Dean of the College of Arts, Science and Technology at the University of Northampton Professor John Sinclair on Monday signed a cooperation agreement with BeGreen-Qatar CEO, Sheikh Dr Saud al-Thani.

The agreement focused on Northampton’s commitment to train and certify engineers and professionals from Qatar in the state of the art processes and technologies necessary in sustainable urban development.

sustainable engineering
Aerial view of the Pearl-Qatar island in Doha through the morning fog. Qatar, the Persian Gulf

“Our aim is to develop the skills of engineers in Qatar training them on cutting-edge technology and under the supervision of internationally renowned professors in different fields,” said al-Thani.

“Initially, we will regularly hold training and professional development courses for engineers and professionals, wishing to know more or specialise in Building Information Modelling (BIM). These upcoming courses will be accredited by the University of Northampton, granting participants certificates from the university after passing the designated exams.”

To ensure the benefits are far-reaching and effective, the course will be conducted in coordination with local authorities and relevant Qatari engineering institutions.


Northampton has long recognised the importance of executive education and has an appreciation for lifelong learning if employees are to stay relevant and the best practices are to be implemented. They have a particular focus on technology and engineering fields, teaching the relatively new software of BIM around the world.

The technology develops three-dimensional models for construction and infrastructure projects, allowing the engineers greater understanding, accuracy and often speed when it comes to completing works.

Northampton’s expertise is perfectly suited to assist BeGreen in achieving its mission to “accelerate sustainability in the Arab’s world.”

sustainable engineering
West Bay on the Corniche in Doha Qatar.

The firm acts as a sustainability consultant for local companies and authorities, providing tools and expertise to help manage and mitigate environmental impacts of business and development.

As a leader in the field in the region, the company prides itself on being at the cutting-edge of new sustainability technology and processes. They achieve this, in part, through their collaborations with higher education, ensuring they have access to the latest research and the capacity to transfer this information and expertise to the people on the ground, calling the shots.

The first training course will be held in November, but sign up is possible all year round. Professors from Northampton will be in Qatar overseeing the course for the session.


As well as teaching participants the new skills and technology, the course will also set out research projects that are directly relevant to “the professional and economic prospects of Qatar and the Qatari society.”

The duo is also working on expanding the partnership to introduce a number of new training courses, all of which will be accredited and certified by the University of Northampton.