New Gender & Sexualities Centre to examine #MeToo & LGBT rights

SOURCE: Tolga Akmen / AFP
CUL has opened a new Gender & Sexuality Research Centre to analyse how gender and sexuality intersect with other social divisions and identities in a rapidly changing world.

By U2B Staff 

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City, University of London is launching its new Gender and Sexualities Research Centre (GSRC), giving the school of Arts and Social Sciences a facility dedicated to the analysing how gender and sexuality intersect with other social divisions and identities in a rapidly changing world.

The centre will be a part of the Department of Sociology but will not be limited to just that academic field. It will, instead, be inter-disciplinary, incorporating research and activity across the university.

“The GSRC has grown out of many years’ work at City on gender and sexualities research,” co-Director of the centre, Dr Jo Littler said in a statement.

gender studies
Members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community take part in the annual Pride Parade in London on July 7, 2018. Source: Ink Drop / Shutterstock

“We are delighted that both our strengths in this area, and the importance of the subjects, are being recognised through the formation of a Centre. We are excited to work with a wide range of people both across and beyond the university, and to act as a hub for research exploring how gender and sexuality relate to issues of diversity, inequality and power.”

Littler will lead the centre with Dr Rosalind Gill along with a further eight City academics sitting on its Management Committee.


Collaboration and knowledge exchange lie at the heart of the centre’s ethos as it aims to become an inclusive hub, bringing together diverse areas of research.

The timing for the launch could not be more pertinent as movements like #MeToo, the gender pay gap, and LGBTQI rights cover the front pages of newspapers across the globe.

gender studies
Activists participate in the 2018 #MeToo March on November 10, 2018 in Hollywood, California. Source: Sarah Morris / Getty Images / AFP

GSRC will take a critical look at these issues, along with the enduring questions about the dynamics of power and inequality. They are also expected to host a number of events, including public talks, seminars, graduate workshops and conferences on subjects such as gender and social media, feminism and childcare, feminism and neoliberalism, digital masculinities, care and inequality.

The first event will be the official launch in October. The inauguration will be held in collaboration with the Feminist and Women Studies Association and hopes to raise awareness not just within higher education, but beyond. Called “Feminist Dilemmas, Feminist Hope?”, the event will host a diverse range of speakers and three panel discussions.