MIT, UniSA to boost data visualisation & AR research efforts

SOURCE: Lucrezia Carnelos/Unsplash
MIT and University of South Australia are teaming up to bring new research innovations in data visualisation and AR technology while providing student exchange opportunities.

By U2B Staff 

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The University of South Australia (UniSA) is partnering Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to expand research efforts in data visualisation and augmented reality (AR), and provide student exchange opportunities between the two universities. 

This collaboration will focus on research activity within MIT’s Digital Media Lab as well as UniSA’s Australian Research Centre for Interactive and Virtual Environments (IVE). 

It serves as a highly strategic collaboration as both universities are home to innovators in technology and computer science. 

This also adds value to Australia’s prominence in AR and virtual reality (VR) research.


UniSA’s IVE is a world leader in AR and VR research and its activities consist of a unique interdisciplinary blend of computer science, engineering, art, architecture and design. 

Its world-class researchers work in specialised areas of AR and VR research, including wearable computing, interface design, empathic computing, 3D visualisation, perception and telepresence. 

Combined with MIT’s global expertise in computer science, engineering, maths, earth sciences, physics and so on, this proves to be a potent collaboration to further develop new innovations in data visualisation and AR research for South Australia.  

AR research
This partnership will allow students from UniSA to visit MIT and vice versa with more opportunities for student exchange opened. Source: Naassom Azevedo/Unsplash.

The partnership also includes the creation of student exchange opportunities between the two universities, whereby students will visit their respective partner institutions to further facilitate their studies and research. 

UniSA representative of the state delegation to MIT, Professor Brenton Dansie described the partnership as a consolidation of existing research connections with MIT that will help to further develop research and student engagement. 

“Two of the world’s leading researchers in AR and VR, UniSA Professors Mark Billinghurst and Bruce Thomas have links with MIT and this new agreement will significantly enhance their efforts,” said Dansie.  


This collaboration is part of a much wider partnership between MIT and Adelaide, which is to establish the state’s first Living Lab in the innovation precinct, Lot 14. 

The Living Lab project involves collaborative efforts by MIT, the Adelaide state government, BankSA, telecommunications company Optus and data analytics firm DSpark

With the help of MIT, South Australia is well on its way to becoming a leading technological hub for the future of data visualisation, AR and VR research.