Audiovisual firms provide London Met with cutting-edge interpreting suite

The state-of-the-art interpreting suite will help prepare London Met students for careers in conference interpreting.

By U2B Staff 

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Students of London Metropolitan University’s prestigious interpreting programmes are now enjoying a new state-of-the-art interpreting suite thanks to audio-visual tech companies buk Solutions and Reflex

The Michalina Ageros Interpreting Suite was developed within 18 months through a collaborative effort between the two technology firms and the university’s information and technology services (ITS) team. 

The tech firms together with the ITS team worked closely with London Met course leader Associate Professor Danielle D’Hayer on the facility.

“I was quite specific about what I wanted but it was the collaborative approach between our in-house team, buk Solutions and Reflex that turned this project into a reality,” said D’Hayer.

The university named the facility after influential London Met interpreting lecturer Michalina Ageros, an early pioneer in conference interpreting with a prestigious career as a conference interpreter for the EU, UN and other world bodies.


The Michalina Ageros Interpreting Suite comprises a main delegates’ table with 24 positions and six booths housing 12 interpreter positions. It features cutting edge audiovisual technology including the high-quality Brahler DCen 32 Channel Digital Interpretation System with fully integrated multi-camera tracking and web streaming. 

The new facility will enable students studying London Met’s interpreting courses (MA Conference Interpreting/MA Interpreting and short courses) to work in a state-of-the-art environment similar to the ones they will experience after graduating. 

This is a valuable resource given London Met’s position as one of 22 member institutions of the United Nations Network, which provides its students with learning opportunities and specialist training under the UN.

“The quality of the sound provided by Brahler system and the HD quality of the cameras offer the perfect opportunity to train interpreters in a professional setting,” said D’Hayer.

“I am proud of what we have achieved. It was an ambitious project. Technology is an ally. It supports the work interpreters do. This is why it needs to be fully integrated to interpreting education,” he added.

interpreting suite
The interpreting suite is fitted with the latest in AV tech for seamless interpretation. Source: Reflex.

According to buk Solutions international sales and marketing manager Paul Ward, the audiovisual firm is renowned for installing interpretation suites in universities, and has established a long relationship with London Met.

“It was important that we engaged with a partner that understood the requirements of the university and complimented our central AV design. buk Solutions with the Brahler DCen 32 met these to the full and the results are there to be seen,” added Reflex sales director, Yag Depala. 

“We have created a conference interpreting suite that meets the highest industry standards and provides our students with an excellent learning and teaching facility,” said London Metropolitan University Director of Information and Technology Services Oliver Holmes. 

“London Met’s selection of innovative equipment, coupled with buk Solutions’ conference technology expertise was skilfully integrated by Reflex to meet the demands of our sector-leading educators and practitioners.”


D’Hayer also labelled the inauguration of the interpreting suite a celebration of partnerships, collaborations and of the journey of graduates entering the interpreting profession.

“We are proud to offer an inspiring and innovative professional environment that will make a difference in the years to come,” he said.

The Suite was officially launched on October 2 at an opening ceremony officiated by Michalina Ageros herself with Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Donna Whitehead at its new Holloway site.