Lourdes University heads to the Cloud with CampusNexus

The CampusNexus suite allows faculty and staff to use the same data and information across the enterprise, allowing for more personalised communication with students.

By U2B Staff 

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Lourdes University has partnered with Campus Management Corp to transform the university’s business processes and technology ecosystem with the implementation of the CampusNexus cloud solutions.

CampusNexus is a suite of campus management tools that will help establish a more efficient and effective digital data environment for the university, and streamline its administrative and business processes. 

The tech solutions provider will support degree audit, billing and financial aid for the university’s traditional programmes and provide a data platform that will interact with the institution’s initiatives in Competency-Based Learning (CBL) and online delivery. 


With advice from higher education IT support and managed services provider Dynamic Campus, Lourdes University chose the full suite of CampusNexus solutions.

This includes the CampusNexus Student; Occupation Insight; Finance, HR & Payroll; Engage; Succeed; Apply and the fundraising and university advancement solution from Custom Relationship Management (CRM) systems provider xRM.

Faculty and staff will be allowed full access to data and analytics. Source: CoWomen/Unsplash.

“The CampusNexus technology ecosystem allows Lourdes to enhance student engagement,” said Lourdes University President Mary Ann Gawelek. 

“As a smart campus, Lourdes faculty and staff will gain a more powerful and relevant product that fulfils our business needs and facilitates real-time data access and sharing capabilities.”

CampusNexus will allow data and information to be easily accessible by faculty and staff across the enterprise, allowing for more personalised communication with students. Centralising data and analytics, and making it available across all parties of the institution, is a key component of Campus Management Corp’s solutions. 


“Campus Management is excited to enter this partnership where we undergo a rapid implementation of CampusNexus solutions to meet the operational needs of Lourdes University,” said Campus Management Corp CEO Jim Milton.

He added that innovative technology such as CampusNexus Engage and CampusNexus Occupation Insight will help the university enhance its programme offerings and business processes, resulting in a technology-supported campus focussed on student success.

Campus Management Corp is continuing to work on its solutions to provide enhanced functionality based on customer participation to meet future demands of the higher education market.

This includes CampusNexus Engage, Campus Management Corp’s engagement and intelligence system, which has upgraded its latest version with an enhanced scoring model framework that makes use of machine learning to provide prescriptive and personalised recommendations to students. 

These solutions will hopefully streamline and centralise the university’s business and administrative processes to create a smoother technological environment as well as provide students with the latest technological solutions to improve academic performance.