University of Edinburgh set to deliver new world-class sports facilities

Plans for a world-class sports village were recently unveiled to expand the university's sports facilities.

By U2B Staff 

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The University of Edinburgh recently unveiled plans to develop a new sports village which will encompass a multi-facility sports centre and accommodation hall to increase sports facilities available to students and the wider community. 

The sports village is set to be built on the university’s existing facilities at Peffermill Playing Fields and will include a 12-court multi-purpose sports hall, four-court indoor tennis hall, strength and conditioning gym, fitness gym, and social and conference spaces. 

The sports complex is designed to complement the surrounding landscape with high-quality facilities that will not only cater to students but also the general public in the Piffermill community.

Sports organisations such as the Transforming Scottish Indoor Tennis fund, a proactive initiative by sportscotland, Tennis Scotland, and the Lawn Tennis Association will lend a hand of support to provide some of these facilities as a solution to address the shortage of local easy access indoor tennis courts.


Besides that, more sports will be made available such as basketball, futsal, korfball, netball, and volleyball. The sports complex will also feature improved facilities for hockey and archery. 

Not just limited to a sporting complex, the Peffermill Sports Village will also include a 573-bed residence on university land, which will open up new accommodation spaces for students during the academic year, and for athletes and event attendees during summer months. 

According to the university’s media release, other additional facilities will also be included such as a 2.5km open access exercise route that will border the sports village and an avenue to commemorate the university’s sporting alumni. 

sports facilities
The university offers a wide range of sports facilities open to the public daily. Source: Geert Pieters/Unsplash.

The University of Edinburgh has a long-standing track record of promoting and supporting the sports sector.

The university’s sports departments and programmes are dedicated to creating an inclusive and welcoming sporting community by opening up sports facilities to numerous sporting teams and members of the general public. 

Students are also encouraged and provided with opportunities to get involved in sport at any level, activities and facilities are catered to a wide range of difficulty levels ranging from beginners to state and national-level representatives. 

Construction on the Peffermill Sports Village is slated to commence in mid-2020 and is subjected to planning permission and final approval by the University Court. 

If everything goes smoothly, the project is expected to be completed in time for the 2023-24 academic year. 


“Our plans for Peffermill exemplify the University’s quest to provide premium accessible sport and physical activity opportunities for the people and community we serve. The venture will allow the University to consolidate existing relations with local and national sports organisations, create new relationships, increase our sports provision and host a greater number of major events,” said University of Edinburgh Director of sport and exercise Jim Aitken. 

“ It will make a transformational difference to our sector-leading sport and fitness offer and we can’t wait for it to happen.” 

“We are thrilled, along with our partners sportscotland and the Lawn Tennis Association, to be working in partnership with the University of Edinburgh, subject to a successful application process, to provide four fantastic indoor courts for all the community to enjoy as part of an exceptional sports facility,” added Tennis Scotland Chief Executive Blane Dodds.