University of Cumbria delivers tailored MBA Programme for BAE Systems

SOURCE: Helloquence/Unsplash
The MBA programme will provide employees with opportunities to explore more collaborative aspects of business.

By U2B Staff 

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The University of Cumbria is delivering a specially-tailored MBA-level apprenticeship programme for employees of BAE Systems maritime division in Barrow to improve their business operations and increase collaborative opportunities. 

Workers from BAE Systems, a multinational defence, security, and aerospace company, will be taking part in the MBA/senior leader master’s degree apprentice programme to expand their experience across different collaborative business operations. 

The 24-month course is being taught at the Submarine Academy in Barrow and University of Cumbria’s Ambleside campus. 


“I love it. It’s brought me into contact with people from across the business who I can now look forward to collaborating with, not just on the course but in daily work too,” said BAE Systems continuous improvement manager Mark Hughes, who is one of the employees currently participating in the course. 

“We’ve been encouraged to explore contemporary business and management principles and learn how to apply them to genuine situations, using real-world case studies.”

University of Cumbria
Employees under the maritime division will be exposed to various business operations. Source: Matt Thornhill/Unsplash. 

The programme will target BAE Systems employees from across the business and will involve various collaboration between the university, the company as well as external partners. 

University of Cumbria senior lecturer in strategic management and collaboration Dr David Murphy has invited contributors from various industries to come and speak during the course, including Carlisle City Council partnership manager Emma Dixon and BAE Systems’ Barrow corporate social responsibility manager Neil Doherty. 

“Collaboration and an awareness of the environment in which businesses operate are vital areas to consider. There is so much to be gained by considering how even small changes by individual employees, their departments or even a whole business can bring widescale benefits,” said Dr Murphy. 

“A company like BAE Systems which operates within a close-knit community like Barrow can have a real impact and the chance to discuss this offers up a whole new area to consider.”

“This course is an ideal opportunity for colleagues to step away from the day job and enjoy time to reflect on how they and their colleagues work,” added BAE Systems learning and development advisor Debbie Wilson.

“Gaining an insight into how businesses such as BAE Systems are perceived may well encourage them to think more about the way they and their teams work.


 “So much of our work across the region is embedded in a deepening relationship with employers. We are ensuring that leadership learning is understood from a local context,” said University of Cumbria programme leader Dr Steve Gibbs. 

The MBA programme proves to be a strategic and convenient option for BAE Systems employees. According to a report by BBC News, employees needed to travel to universities in Lancaster, Bradford of Manchester to gain an equivalent qualification before this. 

Now, the specially designed course by the University of Cumbria can be delivered conveniently on-site as well as at the nearby campus, making sure that employees can properly tend to their daily work duties while gaining the qualification which is seen as a key part of business education. 

There are now 24 employees currently undertaking the programme.