University of Sunderland to boost digital skills apprenticeships with Code

SOURCE: Marius Masalar/Unsplash
There is an increasing demand for digital skills in the global job market.

By U2B Staff 

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In today’s digital age, digital skills remain a necessity in most job roles. In the UK alone about 82 percent of online advertised jobs list specific digital skills as their core requirements regardless of role and industry. 

Not only are new hires expected to be up to date with the latest technology and digital practices, but it’s also a matter of survival to be equipped with these skills to reduce the potential risk of automation taking over the job market. 

This is why UK’s national apprenticeship provider Centre of Digital Excellence (Code) is partnering with Sunderland University to help close the impending skills gap among graduates within the Northeastern region. 


Code is renowned for offering a vast array of STEM industry-oriented apprenticeships and will now proceed to work closely with higher education institutes to tackle the skills gap head-on. 

 “The issue created by the digital skills gap is something that cannot be overlooked. We, (Code) truly believe that we can make a difference to our region and hope that businesses thinking of taking on apprentices can see this too,” said Code founder and owner Simon Howatson in a report

This partnership will be significant for the North East region as it combines Code’s existing business networks for apprenticeships such as Google and more, as well as University of Sunderland’s tireless effort in equipping its students with the latest and in-demand technological knowledge and skills. 

Digital Skills
There must be a conscious effort to elevate these skills among graduates. Source: Fotis Fotopoulos/Unsplash. 

Code has previously secured £1 million worth of apprenticeship funding for its clients within the past 12 months. The apprenticeship provider will continue to work with the University of Sunderland to ensure their apprentices receive the highest level of skills training. 

As part of their 2020 onwards strategy, Code has begun its expansion to provide apprenticeships across other specialist sectors such as construction, lean and project management, and more. 


This partnership will also expand the University of Sunderland’s efforts to educate its students with relevant skills. 

The university became a member of the Institute of Coding group of universities back in 2018 to advocate the provision of digital skills for students and fresh graduates entering the workforce across the region and nation.