Dublin City University and FutureLearn launch online Fintech course

SOURCE: Dublin City University
Dublin City University and FutureLearn have collaborated to launch a newly accredited online short course on Fintech.

By U2B Staff 

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Dublin City University and digital education platform, FutureLearn have launched a newly accredited online short course on Fintech, titled FinTech – Financial Innovation on the learning platform, to meet the growing skill demands of the industry.

This partnership comes as a response to Ireland’s rapidly growing fintech sector. The online course is offered by the university as a micro-credential and will focus on how advances in technology, such as cloud computing and AI, are revolutionising business operations with customers and clients.

The course, led by professors Mark Cummins and Pierangelo Rosati from DCU Business School examines how key technologies, such as cloud computing, social media, and artificial intelligence, are disrupting all aspects of the finance value chain and facilitating unprecedented levels of innovation in financial services.


Cummins highlighted the opportunities that are presented by the transformation that’s taking place in the financial services industry.

He stated that finance specialists who are able to futureproof their skills will have various opportunities that transcend the traditional scope of the industry.

“The finance specialist of the future will have a myriad of opportunities beyond traditional financial institutions, within the fintech ecosystem, and, hence, needs a deep understanding of the intersection between finance and technology,” he said.

The course will fulfill the need for talent in this field and caters to professionals looking to upskill or transition into fintech-related roles, as the sector expands.

Rosati said that the new course will help people prepare for jobs for the future. He said that learners can upskill themselves through a combination of theory and practical skills in this course. He added that these tools will support the learner in efforts to transition into the fintech roles of the future.

The availability of the course as an online micro-credential not only offers time flexibility for those already in employment but also makes it easier for individuals who prefer to build their credentials rather than opt for a full degree programme.


President of the university, Brian McCraith said, “By offering this micro-credential course, in partnership with Futurelearn, DCU is once again demonstrating its commitment to addressing emerging skills gaps and increasing educational opportunity.”

McCraith also added that the fintech sector offers significant new opportunities for employment and growth in the Irish economy. The flexibility offered by this online course will allow those already in employment the chance to upskill and develop new opportunities in this exciting new area.

The launch of the course supports the recently announced Human Capital Initiative (HCI), which is part of the Government’s Future Jobs Plan. This scheme provides support to higher education institutions to design and deliver innovative programmes in response to future skills needs for the enterprise.

The strategic collaboration between the university and FutureLearn is a forerunner in the global digital movement impacting 21st-century education.

This partnership aims to supply global demand for lifelong and micro-learning opportunities as people seek to enhance their skills, competencies, and knowledge to thrive through the digitisation of industries.