University of London offers online degrees with 2U partnership

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CoSector-University of London (UOL)'s digital learning team will implement and manage a new learning platform for Bournemouth & Poole College.

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The University of London and its member institution, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) will now offer seven new online undergraduate degrees in social sciences after expanding its partnership with global edtech company, 2U.

Universities of higher learning are keeping up with digital technology trends by departing from fully classroom learning delivery and opting for online and blended learning approaches.

In an expansion of its partnership with 2U, a global edtech company, the university has announced an expanded partnership to launch a suite of seven online undergraduate degrees ranging from economics and management to data science and business analytics.

Director of Operations and Deputy Chief Executive at the University of London Worldwide, Craig O’Callaghan has said that by bringing the degrees online, the university is extending its reach by creating programmes that remove traditional barriers and expand access to high-quality education for students globally.

This endeavour will see the digitisation of seven of the university’s textbook-based programmes. The new online-based degrees will be delivered as flexible and interactive programmes. These programmes will be made available as soon as this year.

Four of the seven online degree programmes will be available starting this year. These four programmes include BSc Data Science and Business Analytic, BSc Economics, BSc Economics and Management, and BSc Business and Management.


Graduates who successfully complete the online degree will be awarded a degree from the university with academic direction for the programmes being provided by LSE.

Co-Founder and CEO at 2U, Christopher “Chip” Paucek has said that students will now have access to their online programmes by simply logging on to a laptop or mobile device from anywhere. Students irrespective of location and timezones will be able to engage with courses designed by the university’s world-renowned faculty to earn an undergraduate degree.

Paucek also added that the expansion of this partnership between the edtech company and the university is a powerful example of higher education delivering on the promise of access, quality, relevance, and flexibility.

The university is the world’s oldest provider of academic awards through distance and flexible learning. It has a 25-year track record of enabling students around the world to study for a UK degree.


Dean of University of London Programmes at LSE, Paul Kelly said, “These degrees provide the means for talented students to access the academic excellence and social engagement that LSE is globally renowned for.”

Kelly added that LSE prides itself as a truly international institution, and this partnership with 2U will enable the university and LSE to ensure the continued evolution of the student experience to remain engaging and relevant during modern times.

Applications are already open for the BSc Data Science and Business Analytics programme while applications for the other three programmes will commence later this year. The remaining three programmes that have yet to be announced will be confirmed sometime this year as well.