RMIT Online expands Future Skills programme to meet DevOps skill needs

SOURCE: Sean Lim/Unsplash
The Future Skills programme is a series of flexible online course catered for working adults.

By U2B Staff 

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RMIT Online is expanding its Future Skills programme offerings in collaboration with software consultancy firm Thoughtworks and DevOps Agile Skills Association to upskill technology and management professionals. 

“In an increasingly digitised world, we can’t underestimate the importance of connected teams,” said RMIT Online CEO Helen Souness in a report by The PIE News. 

“The short online nature of the program enables working professionals to upskill and grow in their career, as well as positively impact the organisations they work for.”


The Future Skills programme is a series of skill-based online professional development programmes that provide working students with the flexibility and convenience of a short online course as well as full RMIT-standard credentials. 

This new expansion of the programme’s offerings will focus on skills pertaining to the DevOps sector which includes practices that combine software development and information technology operations to shorten systems development life cycles. 

Souness further elaborated that this will meet the growing demand for professional DevOps engineers which is expected to grow by 21 percent. 

“Our focus at RMIT Online is to provide learning opportunities that address skills shortages and in-demand skills gaps in the job market,” she said.

RMIT Online
The new programme offering will fill the need for more software engineers. Source: Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash. 

The collaboration with ThoughtWorks Australia adds on to the need for further academia-industry collaborative initiatives that will address future skills shortages and elevate the country as a highly competitive player in the technology industry and beyond. 

“Our clients are finding it difficult to find people who have experience with DevOps and there is clearly a lack of accessible formal training in the area,” said ThoughtWorks Australia Head of Engineering Evan Botcher. 

“We’re proud to be partnering with RMIT Online to design a course that addresses the needs of Australia’s future workforce.”


This DevOps course will join RMIT Online’s extensive portfolio of high-quality professional development courses in emerging technology such as the Developing Blockchain Strategy course launched in 2018 and the Cyber Security Risk and Strategy course in 2019. 

“Because of the ever-changing and fast-paced nature of Industry 4.0, we are always looking at industry demands and areas in which both employers and employees alike are hoping to upskill,” added Souness. 

“We will be focussed on fields of studies that address the progressive and emerging sectors in work.”

The DevOps course will commence in March and run for six weeks.