Whataburger to end hunger on UTSA campus

SOURCE: Manuela Durson /
The opening of Downtown Campus Whataburger Resource Room at UTSA is an effort to end hunger among the university's students.

By U2B Staff 

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The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) is teaming up with Whataburger, and the San Antonio Food Bank to end hunger among its students with the new Whataburger Resource Room at the university’s campus.

The new partnership aims to address the prevalence of food insecurity among university students. Through this effort, students in need across the university’s campuses will have access to healthy food at no charge.



This partnership was announced in conjunction with the opening of the university’s Downtown Campus food pantry, named the Whataburger Resource Room, after the burger chain.

The opening of the pantry is the second of its kind, with the first being opened at the university’s main campus.

Whataburger will provide supplies of edible goods such as pancake mix and condiments to the university’s pantry.

In addition, the chain will also provide the university with financial assistance and volunteer support.

Whataburger will work closely with the San Antonio Food Bank, to ensure that shelves at the two campus pantries remain adequately stocked year-round with food items that are of high demand.

The food bank will supply canned goods, dairy products and more that will be stocked at the campus pantry.


UTSA President, Taylor Eighmy expressed the university’s appreciation to Whataburger and San Antonio Food Bank for their support and longstanding partnership.

Eighmy said, “These efforts will help us address the food insecurity needs of many students, allowing them to focus on their educational goals. Partnerships like this are helping us to eliminate obstacles that can impede student success, and Whataburger’s commitment toward that goal is to be commended.”

The pantry on the main campus has since served 10,344 students since opening in 2017.

In the first month of its opening, the pantry on the Main Campus provided 1,600 pounds of food to 400 students from the university. By the end of its first year, the pantry had served nearly 3,700 students in need.

The university expects that the opening of the Whataburger Resource Room at the Downtown Campus will see double the number of students accessing this resource.