FSU and Upswing partner to improve student achievement

SOURCE: Edi Kurniawan/Unsplash
Upswing and Fayetteville State University partner to bring Ana, a virtual assistant to enhance students' learning experiences.

By U2B Staff 

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Fayetteville State University has launched a partnership with Upswing, an educational technology firm to provide educational tools to help the university build and improve its personal connection with students.

Through this partnership, Upswing will provide integrated student support resources such as live, online tutoring and round the clock engagement services to increase student success rates.

Director of Faculty Development and Online Education at the university, Dr Bonnie Grohe said that the university’s decision to select Upswing was driven by its commitment to retain its students.

Upswing was selected for this partnership because of its set of education tools that offers the best chance to increase positive student outcomes while maintaining a deep personal connection with students.


As part of its efforts to retain its students, the university and Upswing will work together to create an integrated student services platform.

This platform is designed to help the university engage, support, and retain students. This effort will include online, non-traditional, and first-generation learners.

Upswing focuses on increasing student achievement for diverse populations, especially in rural communities.

This can be achieved by scaling student services, supporting 24/7 online tutoring, and optimising student engagement with an SMS-based, people-backed virtual assistant.


Grohe adds, “Upswing’s services are available for every student at FSU. Anyone with access, including tutors, and advisers can meet virtually with students to provide advising and academic support.”

Students also have access to online tutors through the platform which can deliver the most convenient learning to students.

This effort will be greatly beneficial to the non-traditional students, who have hectic schedules and lack the time to seek support.

Co-founder and CEO of Upswing, Melvin Hines stated that it is the company’s mission to enhance the learning experience by allowing students to receive help when they need it.


Upswing’s SMS-based virtual assistant, Ana which is a digital personal adviser will also be made available to students at the university.

Ana will provide students with automated nudging sequences, two-way conversational interactions, and sentimental analyses, and acts as a mass communication tool to connect with students through their phones.

Ana will provide not only provide students with answers to their questions but will provide a safe space for communication where students feel comfortable expressing concerns and receive motivational nudges.

Hines added, “It’s an honour for Upswing to partner with Fayetteville State University, which a distinguished historically black university located just minutes from where Upswing first began in Durham, North Carolina — to provide their students with the educational tools they need to cross the finish line, earn their degrees and create a pathway for their success.”

He added that diversity among graduates is vital, as it creates a better developed, positive and successful society.