How can businesses upskill employees online with Florida Tech

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More than 6 million Americans are now switching to online learning options.

By U2B Staff 

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The business world has grown to become ever-demanding with a flurry of different tasks and responsibilities. The availability of flexible online executive education programmes provides feasible options for executives to upskill without worrying about time constraints. 

With more and more working adults opting for distance education rather than taking time off work to pursue additional studies, online learning is on a constant rise. Studies indicate that more than 6 million Americans are enrolling in online learning and distance learning programmes. 


There are multiple options in the market as institutions and other higher education providers are climbing on the bandwagon for online learning. This often makes it hard and confusing for businesses and executives to select a programme that’s most suited for their needs. 

The available options range from more skill-targeted and competency-based short courses to more specialised courses that emulate a fully-fledge degree from a prestigious university. 

At times, the latter option may be of more interest to individuals who wish to add solid credentials to their academic qualifications. This includes MBA degrees, Master’s Programmes and more. 

The Florida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech) Online is a viable option for this as it is an accredited institution which provides comprehensive online courses to simulate high-quality tertiary education from wherever you are in the world. 

The Online Experience 

Florida Tech Online offers a variety of different courses online that are on par with the full-taught programmes offered at Florida Tech. 

The myriad of programmes offered by the university provides prospective students with a healthy choice of industry-relevant subject areas that will allow them to advance in their careers with appropriate skills. 

This includes a range of specialised certification programmes that cater to in-demand business skills. This includes courses like Lean & Lean Six Sigma and Project Management courses. The online experience students will get consists of the same rigorous teaching and learning objectives as the university’s on-ground programmes. 

The online learning experience provides the convenience of time whereby a student is able to access course content at their own pace. While it is a completely online-based programme, this does not remove the instructor-student and student-student engagement from the experience. 

Short certification programmes such as these which span for about three to six months are especially beneficial for working adults who are seeking to improve their professional skills to meet industry needs without having to worry over time constraints. 

Florida Tech
Employees can access course material from wherever they are at their own pace. Source: Anthony Wallace/AFP.

As online learning programmes are learner-centric, learners will be able to connect with industry experts and exchange the latest ideas with them through thorough forum discussions, presentations and workshops, all held online from wherever they are. 

Florida Tech Online’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt programme, for instance, takes an online project-centred approach to ensure students are able to apply the knowledge learned on practical case studies. 

The course entails video presentations with industry experts, self-assessment activities, instructor-led live review sessions, knowledge assessments and the application of Minitab, a statistical software package made available to those enrolled in the course. 

What makes this learning experience unique in terms of distance learning is that the degree of engagement between instructor-student and student-student is simulated through active live discussions and forums. 


How Businesses Benefit 

While employees are always looking for different ways to improve themselves to reach greater heights in their careers, businesses also share an equal need to ensure their employees are receiving the optimum amount of upskilling and learning opportunities to improve the overall morale and performance of the company. 

Employers also benefit from the convenience and flexibility that comes with these online certification programmes as they do not interfere with employees productivity. 

Employees are able to access their course during their own free time and do not require to take sabbatical leave or time off to complete their course work. 

Programmes such as this also double up as skills training for employees to increase their quality of work. 

The certification qualifications such as those found in Florida Tech are officially acreditted by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. This brings long-term value to students who graduate from these programmes as well as the businesses who decide to invest in these programmes for their employees.