A partnership to bring skilled graduates to the medical front-lines.

SOURCE: Chandan Khanna/AFP
The need for more healthcare workers has become ever crucial in light of the current global health crisis.

By U2B Staff 

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Nonprofit organisation Futuro Health is working with seven education providers to ensure more credentialed allied healthcare workers are able to quickly fill the front-lines in the state of California. 

In order to fill the critical need for more healthcare workers on the front-line, Futuro Health is partnering with the Bay Area Medical Academy, California Community College’s California Virtual Campus-Online Education Initiative, InsideTrack, MTI College, Pima Medical Institute, Voxy as well as Western Governors University to expand healthcare education programmes and propel the number of skilled medical care graduates to fill the state’s needs. 

Futuro Health was established through a fund of US$130 million by Kaiser Permanente and SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West. The firm aimed to grow the largest network of credentialed allied healthcare workers in California and beyond. 


Futuro Health provides an effective education-to-work solution that jumpstarts aspiring candidates’ healthcare careers through career exploration and coaching, education financing and guidance to determine the best pathway towards a suitable credential or licensure attainment. 

The firm helps students transition into high-demand healthcare jobs while helping businesses fill their workforce with skilled fresh talents. 

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Public Policy Institute of California estimated the need for about 500,000 allied healthcare workers by 2024. 

This is why Futuro Health’s initial aim was to graduate 10,000 new licensed and/or credentialed allied healthcare workers by 2024 to meet this need. 

Now, with the ongoing pandemic and the crucial need for more healthcare workers and supplies on the front-line, Futuro Health is accelerating their efforts through this partnership to quickly ensure more healthcare certified graduates fill these roles quickly and with the appropriate skills. 

Healthcare Workers
The partnership will ensure skilled healthcare workers are ready to join the force. Source: Marco Bertorello/AFP. 

“The pandemic is bringing to light the importance of the health workforce,” said Futuro Health CEO Van Ton-Quinlivan. 

“With our partners, we will work to fortify the care teams at the front-line and help redeploy talent sidelined by the pandemic. Our combined efforts can accelerate the transition of individuals into healthcare roles, as well as equip current workers with skill sets needed for this moment of crisis.” 

This alliance between Futuro Health and other healthcare education institutes will ensure that the allied health workforce is enough and capable to handle the steady increase of infected cases amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Allied health roles in this sense comprise a wide range of clinical, administrative and support roles, such as medical assistants, care coordinators, health IT specialists and more that each plays a significant role in fortifying the nation’s defence against the health crisis. 


“We are watching Futuro Health reshape the learning ecosystem and bring together quality partners intent on improving the adult student journey toward a credential helpful to our nation’s healthcare system,” said CEO of Strada Education Network William D. Hansen. 

The Strada Education Network is a nonprofit alliance that combines research, philanthropy, and solutions that align education and careers towards meaningful social impact. Futuro Health partner InsideTrack is an affiliate with the Strada Education Network and works to accelerate enrolment and career pathways for students. 

“It’s now clearer than ever that a strong healthcare workforce is vital to our national safety and security. We are proud that the student success experts at InsideTrack, a Strada affiliate, are a part of the ecosystem of support that Futuro Health has assembled,” added Hansen.