New fellowship programme to combine realms of arts and science research

SOURCE: John Macdougall/AFP
A new fellowship programme will open up opportunities for aspiring researchers in the arts community.

By U2B Staff 

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The Graduate School of the Berlin University of Arts in the Berlin Centre for Advanced Studies in Arts and Science (BAS) recently launched its fellowship programme which will instil values of interdisciplinary collaboration. 

Launched on 1st April, the programme welcomed four university fellows through a stringent, multi-phased application process where applicants had to outline a research project of their choice. 

The fellowship programme encourages interdisciplinary research between the fields of arts and sciences where innovative ideas can be exchanged.


The programme provides recipients with the opportunity to work on their own research project through intensive research activity for two years. Besides that, fellows will also teach at the University of the Arts for a minimum of one semester within the duration of the fellowship programme. 

Berlin University also provides a unique opportunity for project integration within the framework of interdisciplinary collaborations between the arts and sciences fields. 

Fellowship recipients will also receive individual supervision by professors in Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Music, and Architecture, Media and Design. 

The Graduate School of the Berlin University of the Arts aims to train the brightest graduates across all disciplines who have already established their own artistic positions and who have already carried out an artistic professional practice at least three years at the time of application.

fellowship programme
The programme entails opportunities to exchange ideas with other fellows. Source: Anna Webber/Getty Images/AFP.

Above it all, the graduate school advocates an active exchange of ideas and collaboration among students. There will be regular workgroup sessions and public events that will allow fellows to boost the quality of their individual work internally while also sharing what they have produced for the benefit of the Berlin community. 

The Berlin University of Arts especially values fellows who are interested in participating in a common-thought exchange and work process within their own group as well as other key influencers at the university. 

By building a close-knit community of fellows and experts within the university’s arts community, the university will engage in more opportunities to offer the exchange of ideas, opinions and views to enhance the quality of the local arts community and to inspire more interdisciplinary research opportunities between the arts and science fields. 

In order to enhance the quality of the Berlin arts community and to advocate diversity and variety, the university practices non-discrimination against any race, religion or disability when selecting fellowship candidates and advocates equal opportunities for all.  

The university is also advocating for more women artists and scholars to enter the arts community. 


The fellowship programme will award recipients with the title “Fellow of the Graduate School at the Berlin University of the Arts” and financial support for two years of their term. 

The university will provide a monthly stipend of €1,365 with a grant for the cost of research materials as well as child allowance. 

The fellowship programme commenced on 1st April this year and accepted research proposals in both German and English.