Get to know the top-ranking US graduate schools in your field

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Harvard University among others is home to some of the top ranking graduate schools across different fields in the US.

By U2B Staff 

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Continuing your postgraduate studies is an important decision to make. A postgraduate qualification opens up new and lucrative opportunities for you to either explore new career paths or upgrade your career. 

There are a variety of options to choose from in terms of what postgraduate course to take and which university to apply to. 

Knowing which are the best graduate schools to apply for is a good yardstick to start with before further exploring the available options. 

U.S. News has ranked some of the top graduate schools based on popular fields of study for the reference of aspiring postgraduate students. The following are some of the top-ranking graduate schools to aim for in the coming academic year. 



These graduate schools are the top choices for those who wish to pursue an MBA to further bolster their leadership skills. A well-rounded MBA programme teaches a balance of fundamental business skills as well as cross-disciplinary analytical skills such as critical thinking and creativity. 

Stanford University and the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) are both tied as the best business schools to study in the US for a full-time MBA program. 

For a more flexible program that offers applicants the chance to pursue their studies without disrupting their current work productivity, applicants can opt for a part-time MBA or an online MBA. 

The University of Chicago (Booth) was ranked as the number one business school offering a comprehensive part-time MBA program followed by the University of California Berkeley (Haas) in second place and Northwestern University (Kellogg) in third place. 

Meanwhile, Indiana University-Bloomington (Kelley) was ranked as the best business school to provide an online MBA program. 


Law graduates don’t always go on to practice in actual courtrooms. A Juris Doctor (JD) qualification is a great way to enhance your law degree to branch out in other versatile careers that don’t necessarily centre on law entirely. 

Yale University was ranked as the best graduate school for law in 2021 to help you to explore specialisations and other potential career paths by upgrading your law degree. 

Standford University is ranked in the second place followed by Harvard University in third place. These elite institutions will help law graduates further specialise in the field of their choice, be it corporate law, clinical law, intellectual property law and more. 

postgraduate qualification
A postgraduate degree allows professionals to boost their careers or branch out into a different path. Source: Karen Ducey/Getty Images/AFP.


Studying medicine takes years to complete but often offers valuable experiences and job security. For those who want to take their medical qualifications further and be on the frontlines of innovative medical breakthroughs, these are the graduate schools to aim for. 

Harvard University is the top graduate school to go to for medical research in the US, followed by Johns Hopkins University and the University of Pennsylvania (Perelman).

Not only do these universities offer the best in terms of teaching expertise and facilities, but they also offer opportunities to take part in the latest research to save and enrich lives.


Professionals in nursing can specialise further in their careers with a master’s in nursing. This qualification opens up more career options such as nurse practitioner, nurse anaesthetist, nurse specialist or nurse midwife. 

A masters degree in nursing will also equip nurses with additional practical skills in leadership, management, finance and the business aspect of health care to further enhance their autonomy in their careers.  

The best university to enrol in for a postgraduate nursing qualification is Johns Hopkins University, followed by Duke University in second place. 

The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and the University of Pennsylvania are both tied at third place. 


While the field of engineering is very broad and extensive, a doctorate in engineering will allow professionals to further specialise in their chosen field and eventually move on towards the research aspect of the field, or move towards the managerial side of things and learn to manage other engineers. 

An engineering postgraduate qualification can either be research-based or professional, the professional postgraduate degree centres on a balance between technical skills as well as professional skills such as management, finance and communication. 

The best graduate school to explore engineering programs is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) followed by Stanford University and the University of California-Berkeley



Professionals in the education field may opt for a masters degree for several reasons. Educators who are looking to branch out into advanced leadership, administration or counselling careers will be able to benefit from a masters in education that is focussed on school finance, educational law and education leadership. 

Besides that, school principals, district superintendents or college administrators who are looking to bring further impact within their school system will also find this postgraduate qualification to be useful. 

A masters in education can also open up an additional pathway for educators to branch into teaching at higher education institutes. Education professionals have the option of either taking a Masters of Science in Education or a Masters of Arts in Education, both have different focus areas but essentially provide students with the essential leadership and management skills to enhance their careers. 

The best graduate school for education in the US is Harvard University. Meanwhile, the University of Pennsylvania is the second-best graduate school followed by Stanford University