These are the top five skilled worker jobs that are in high demand in Canada, and they’re not all in tech

SOURCE: Photo by Sebastien St-Jean / AFP
Lylian, an employee at the Sports Experts store, wears a face shield as he disinfects a box of shoes at the shop on Sainte-Catherine Street, in Montreal, Canada, on May 25, 2020. - In Montreal, the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in Canada, non-essential businesses are opening after a two-month lockdown.

By U2B Staff 

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Canada is not only a beautiful country, but it’s also a progressive and diverse nation with plenty of skilled worker jobs to be filled.

An extensive list of Canada’s most in-demand jobs for 2020 was last updated in January this year by Immigration Canada. 

It shows that there are a wide variety of occupations needed to be filled due to labour and skills shortages in the country.

Canada is one of the top destinations for skilled migration, and has implemented the Express Entry Immigration system to facilitate the Federal Skilled Worker programme where 347 eligible occupations are open for those who meet minimum entry criteria.

In many regions, the biggest skills gap and shortages are in technology, partly because of the rapid rate that new technologies are advancing.

In Canada, however, highly in-demand skilled worker jobs are not just in technology but in other areas. If you’re looking to upskill yourself and work in another country when travel restrictions are lifted post-COVID-19, you should work on developing skills that are needed to fill gaps in immigration-friendly countries such as Canada.

While the pandemic has hit economies hard, a number of industries such as e-commerce, food delivery, and digital marketing are thriving. If you need a career switch, look into these fields and consider upskilling through online courses or postgraduate degrees.

Canada is also a welcoming destination for international students, and you can begin your courses via online learning if you’re unable to travel to your university this year. International student graduates can apply for a Postgraduate Work Permit after graduation which gives them additional points for the Express Entry system.


Here are the top five most in-demand skilled jobs in Canada.

Sales associate

Got a knack for sales? It’s the No.1 skill needed in Canada, as sales associates are crucial for both consumer and B2B sales. According to Immigration Canada, the average annual salary for a sales associate in Canada is CA$50,255.

If you need to brush up your Sales skills, you can enrol in advanced sales training courses online, or in more niche areas such as BSB sales for start-ups. You could even get an online certification to boost your CV.


If you have a valid driver’s license in Canada, you should be able to land a commercial driving job which is highly in-demand in Canada. Commercial drivers earn an average salary of CA$44,836.


According to Immigration Canada, “receptionists are in demand as the first face customers see of any business, making the role of vital importance. Customer service and tech skills are required in this position.”

Receptionists in Canada earn an average salary of CA$31,304 a year.


Welders are among Canada’s most in-demand skilled worker jobs, and is well worth considering if you enjoy working with your hands. Welders earn an average salary of CA$40,927.

If you’re interested, there are a number of online welding training courses for you to learn the basics as well as certification courses.

Web Developer

Those with coding and web development skills are highly in-demand in Canada as well. According to the website, “With Canada’s Global Talent Stream offering two-week processing, web developers have a sure pathway to a Canada work permit.”

Need to brush up on your coding skills or looking for a career switch? There are plenty of online courses in coding and web development which you can complete in as little as two months.

These are important skills for the future of work as we head into a digital revolution, so they’re well worth the time and money investment.