Learn coding with these free ivy league online courses

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By U2B Staff 

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One of the more common myths surrounding coding is that you need to need to have an engineering background first, or actively work in the engineering field to master it.

Coding is a process of writing and editing computer codes, which tells the computer which tasks it should execute. It is used by computer programmers and tech professionals to develop computer programmes and systems.

These days, coding is a part of almost every profession and not limited to computer programmers, software engineers, and application developers. It may come as a surprise, but many professionals who work in non-tech and non-engineering fields find this skill useful.

There are many parts to learning coding, and one of them is mastering the common computer coding languages which are used to create applications, software, and websites based on their needs.

As Steve Jobs said, “I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think. I view computer science as a liberal art.”

Master common programming languages used for coding

Some of the common programming languages include Java, Ruby, Phyton, HTML, and C. These languages are similar, so learning one can act as a foundation to learn the rest.

This free online course by Harvard University dives more deeply into the design and implementation of web apps with Python, JavaScript, and SQL using frameworks like Flask, Django, and Bootstrap.

This programme will help you develop skills in Git, HTML, CSS, Flask, SQL, APIs, and JavaScript in a short 12 weeks.

At the end of the course, you would be able to write and use APIs, create interactive UIs, and leverage cloud services like GitHub and Heroku.


Learn to code for game development

The ivy league school also offers a free online course on game development where you will be able to learn about the development of 2D and 3D interactive games.

This course delves into the development of some of the most popular and revolutionary games, including Super Mario Bros., Pokémon, and Angry Birds.

The course lasts for 12 weeks, and you will learn, the principles of 2D and 3D graphics, animation, sound, and collision detection, Unity and LÖVE 2D, Lua, C#, on top of the basics of game design and development.

This online course takes on a hands-on approach and by the end of it you will have had the opportunity to programme several of your own games and gained a thorough understanding of the basics of game design and development.


Learn the basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This free online course is designed to help you to develop the expertise in AI and machine learning, which is a skill that has multiple uses in various fields including healthcare and medicine as well as information technology.

In this course, you will explore the concepts and algorithms that make up the fundamentals of modern artificial intelligence.

You will have the opportunity to delve into the ideas that drive technologies like game-playing engines, handwriting recognition, and machine translation.

At the end of this course, you will have developed experience in libraries for machine learning as well as knowledge of artificial intelligence principles.

Ultimately, this knowledge will allow you to design intelligent systems of your own.