4 most popular employment destinations and in-demand skills

SOURCE: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images/AFP
A new study shows that Canada is the most-searched destination for working abroad.

By U2B Staff 

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International travel may have come to a halt, but it hasn’t stopped people from planning to work abroad in the future.  A new study by Small Business Prices based on analysing Google search trends shows the top choices for employment destinations in 2020.

Countries are slowly easing from lockdowns but unemployment rates are still high. If you’re looking for a change of pace, now’s the time to do your research into which countries are suitable for you to work in. The process to work abroad can take time, and it’s already the middle of 2020 – so it’s the ideal time to start figuring out your future plans.

You can also check out which industries are actively hiring in these countries so you can be sure to develop skills in these areas via online learning and gain employment. You can also get certified online so you’ll be prepared and qualified when applying for jobs in these countries.

Take note that for certain jobs such as those in technology and digital marketing, there may also be remote job opportunities in these countries currently available as people are unable to travel for work.

The 10 most popular jobs in the world found by the study are:

  • Marketing – 54,250
  • Accounting – 44,820
  • Social work – 37,480
  • Engineering – 35,820
  • Pharmacy – 31,460
  • Psychology – 29,110
  • Sports – 27,850
  • Sales – 27,030
  • Health care – 21,750
  • Education – 17,88

Here are the top four countries if you’re looking to relocate for employment and develop relevant skills when the pandemic is over.


Canada came out on top as the most employment destination – and it’s not surprising why. Canada is fast becoming one of the most popular countries for skilled migrant workers as the country, especially since the implementation of the Express Entry programme that provides a fast-track pathway to employment and migration.

Although the country saw a drop in new migrants due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it remains the top choice for workers, even in countries with strong economies such as Australia, China, Japan, the US, Singapore, France, and South Korea.

According to Human Resources Director, “Canada – particularly Toronto – is quickly emerging as a talent hub for the global technology industry, yet the country’s most popular job is accounting, with a monthly search volume of 4,400. This is followed by social work (3,600) and marketing (2,900).”


This small but thriving country in the heart of Asia attracts workers from all over the world for many reasons. Singapore recently took the top spot for the second year running in the 2020 World Competitive Ranking from the Institute for Management Development (IMD).

According to CNBC Make It, “Front-runner Singapore maintained first place due to solid economic performance, strong trade ties, and a high employment rate, the report found. Advanced education systems and technological infrastructure also played in its favour.”

As a major business hub in Asia, Singapore also attracts plenty of international investment and trade. Several major corporations have chosen Singapore for headquarters in the region, so there is a multitude of job opportunities and employment pathways for people all around the world with different skills.



Low levels of crime and high tax-free salaries for expatriates are some of the factors that have been attracting foreign skilled workers to the fast-growing economy in Qatar in recent years.

The education system is also top-notch, possibly the main draw for expatriate families with children. There has been a lot of investment in science and technology education in international schools with many reputable institutions opening up branches in Qatar.

Modern healthcare, luxury living, and cultural attractions are also some aspects that those working in the country enjoy.

Skilled workers are primarily in need in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) areas, as well as those with business expertise, to facilitate the country’s rapidly growing economy.

According to Qatar Living, there are several multinational companies with senior management positions open for foreign skills workers.

Other in-demand jobs that are well-paid in Doha are in media and advertising, real estate, human resources, healthcare, management roles in construction, and information technology.

Consider upskilling or reskilling in these areas if you’re looking to begin a career in Qatar.


Australia is a popular country for employment and migration due to the skills gap in many areas such as healthcare and technology.

According to HRD Australia, “A recent study by organisational consulting firm Korn Ferry reveals that by 2020, Australia will have a shortage of 739,000 highly skilled workers. By 2030, the shortfall is forecast to increase to 2.2 million.”

Compared to other countries such as the US, it’s also easier to gain employment visas in Australia if you meet certain requirements.

The high standard of living, modern lifestyle, quality education, and a strong economy are also reasons why many look to Australia for working abroad.