Take your business to the next level with a global leadership course

French Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire addresses the audience during the Fortune Global Forum event in Paris on November 18, 2019.

By Sharuna 

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Looking for a course to help you develop some new business skills? Global leadership courses should be on your list, as the rapidly evolving business industry requires leaders to stay ahead of the curve.

Globalisation is causing companies to shift and adapt to new business landscapes. Although the current pandemic put international travel on hold, digital transformation and remote working environments still allow for global business markets to flourish.

Nexba, an Australian beverage brand, saw a decrease in sales from local convenience stores and petrol stations, but  co-founder and co-CEO Troy Douglas said that their sales surged in major retailers such as Coles and Woolworths in Australia and Sainsbury’s in the UK.

He told CEO Magazine, “Early in the year, one of our investors identified what was happening abroad and advised us to prepare. So we started to reduce our supply chain risk in terms of ingredients and raw materials and we have six months of stock in the pipeline.

“There’s still a lot of access to great manufacturers globally and our mentality on global expansion hasn’t changed.  Nexba’s growth has been doubling annually for the past four years and, without question, the UK will be a focus to further expand into Europe. Our sparkling waters for the UK market are already made in the Netherlands. So we’re still moving forwards.”

Matthew Nelson, General Manager Asia-Pacific for Mintel, the world’s leading market intelligence agency, said that digital technology is boosting e-commerce within the APAC region instead of slowing down globalisation.

He said, “When we look at the recession in 2008, some of the biggest winners in that were absolute luxury segments, like premium skincare and sparkling wines. These are the industries and products that people didn’t necessarily need but wanted to make themselves feel better.

“People’s craving for experiences, wellbeing and value hasn’t necessarily changed, but the way they look for that has changed to direct-to-consumer and digital.”


Now more than ever, companies need leaders who can plan global strategies to drive businesses forward and into the digital era.

Taking a global leadership executive education courses online such as the Global Strategic Leadership course by Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania and the Global Business Leadership certificate programme by the Center for Executive Education at Manipal Global Nxt University can help you do just that.

Need to convince your boss that it’s beneficial for the company that you take a course like this? You can even download a justification letter to send to your supervisor to help you make the case.

Courses like these help you increase your capacity to execute global strategy and build capabilities for leading and serving customers across international borders.

Demi Knight Clark, founder of She Built This City –  a social venture that aims to create pathways for women into manufacturing and construction careers – attended the Yale Global Executive Leadership programme and found it helped her push her ideas into action.

She said, “I came to Yale in transition after a company reorganization. As a high-drive, high-functioning, high-level executive leader for 20 years, I felt like my purpose was in question. And I didn’t have a tribe. Fast forward seven months, post-program: I’m a successful consultant; a social venture founder; and most importantly, member of a worldwide ‘tribe’ of executives, faculty & administration who helped challenge me & say, “So what? It happened. Now what? Get out there. Raise the bar and change the world.”