4 free Google courses to help your business transition to the remote working environment

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By U2B Staff 

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The global pandemic has forced many businesses to shift operations online and look for innovative and new ways to stand out among the tough competition.

With budgets cut or frozen, managers and leaders have to come up with cost-effective ways to upskill employees in a digitally-focused era.

Therefore, tech giants such as Microsoft, LinkedIn and Google are now offering courses and training resources for free to help businesses big and small transition successfully to a remote working environment.

Several businesses have announced they are continuing remote working for the rest of the year, and with some seeing productivity on the rise, it could be even longer.

Remote working is also effective when dealing with international clients as travel has come to a sudden halt this year. Even when travel bans are lifted, companies would likely continue with utilising video conferencing platforms and other online communication tools for business purposes.

Employers today are in dire need of employees who can work productively, efficiently, and confidently in a remote working environment, with adaptable and innovative thinking skills to drive businesses forward and stay afloat at a time of economic uncertainty.

Here are some free courses from the Google Digital Garage to help your employees transition to a successful remote working environment in 2020:

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

This beginner-level course has 26 modules that give you or your employees a solid foundation for digital marketing core concepts.

Marketing your business online is a future-proof way to ensure that your company has an online presence, which is essential as we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Upskilling your employees in digital marketing is vital so that you don’t miss out on cutting-edge marketing opportunities for your business.

Accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University, the course was created by Google trainers and consists of video tutorials, practical exercises, and real-world examples.

When you’re done, you will also get a certificate to show completion of the course. The course takes roughly 40 hours to complete, but it’s self-paced so learners can work on their own time.

Expand a business to other countries

Looking to bring your business outside your own country? This short course should give you and your employees some insights before you begin an international venture.

In this 70-minute course, you’ll learn how to enter new markets and sell to customers around the world, with video tutorials, easy-to-implement tips, and end-of-topic assessments to ensure you’ve fully understood the concepts covered.


Understand customers needs and online behaviours

The online marketplace is competitive, and it can take some effort to understand what customers are really looking for.

This course will help your employees gain better insights into online consumer behaviour through knowledge of web analytics to measure the success of your online marketing, and consequently get better results.

This short course consists of three 30-minute video tutorials along with a quiz at the end of each module to test your newly-acquired knowledge.

Connect and Collaborate Anywhere with Digital Tools

Do your employees need some help in online collaboration? If you need to improve communication among your staff, consider this free one-hour course to foster a more collaborative remote working environment.

Working with a partner, this one-hour module will entail watching the lesson videos, picking a digital skill to learn, then setting up a Hangouts call to teach it to your partner.

After the course, learners will have improved their digital communication and collaboration skills with tools like Hangouts, Chat, Calendar, and more with extension videos.