UK job seekers set sights on careers in tech

More job seekers in the UK are vying for careers in tech, post COVID-19.

By U2B Staff 

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Online searches for online courses and remote learning opportunities have increased by over 40% in the UK alone, indicating a strong tendency for upskilling for careers in tech amid the threat of COVID-19.

This drastic increase is based on a report by Ironhack, an international school specialising in web development, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design, and data analytics.

The study by Ironhack involved examining a range of Google searches for tech-based learning to highlight the number of people looking to upskill or career change into tech roles.

The findings correspond with employment figures showing that 649,000 fewer people in the UK were employed in June compared with March when lockdown began.

Over 13,000 technology jobs posted on Indeed.co.uk in a single fortnight, indicating that any people are now looking to enter the sector with the relevant skillset as their next career move.

The Google results, as revealed by Ironhack show a significant rise in searches when compared with 2019.

UI/UX skills are the most in-demand on the list of searches, increasing by a huge 62% and 56% respectively compared to the past year.

Tech training and skills search increases were also found in data analytics, with a 37% increase, software engineering, with a 36% increase and also web development that showed a 27% increase.

Additionally, data by Tech Nation indicated that the growth experienced by the tech sector was already at 6% before the pandemic.

Predictions also suggest that by 2030, 50% of the UK economy will revolve around digital, tech, and creative industries.


New scholarship supports job seekers interested in upskilling to meet the demand for careers in tech

As a response to the growing demand for careers in tech, Ironhack, and Landing.Jobs announced a new scholarship programme designed to help people transition into a career in tech industries.

The scholarship offer worth €300,000 will also help the nation combat unemployment because of the pandemic.

Ironhack and Landing.Jobs new scholarship programme will focus on in-demand roles in three areas of the tech industry; UX/UI design, web development, and data analytics.

The courses on offer can be studied as a nine-week intensive programme or as a 24-week part-time programme.

The scholarships will cover full or partial tuition expenses for Ironhack tech bootcamps in Lisbon, Madrid, and Barcelona. The scholarship will also cover Ironhack’s remote programs.

Head of Remote at Ironhack, Álvaro Rojas said, “Both Ironhack and Landing.Jobs have been playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of work in our communities. We have a shared belief that the tech ecosystem will provide the best employment opportunities moving forward,”

Rojas added, “We have created our new scholarship programme to support career changers and those looking to upskill with the very best training available.”

Rojas also elaborated that when job seekers evaluate the current employment situation, they should be able to identify this as a good time to become a web-developer, UX/UI designer, or data analyst.

These scholarships, he added, are designed to enable people to change their lives and transition into a career they love.