Develop skills to combat corruption with these Master’s courses

Malaysia's former prime minister Najib Razak (C) leaves the Duta Court complex after he was found guilty in his corruption trial in Kuala Lumpur on July 28, 2020.

By U2B Staff 

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A postgraduate degree in anti-corruption studies may be just what you need to get your foot in the door, if you’re keen on building a career in corruption enforcement and compliance.

According to the World Economic Forum, global corruption has become even more widespread during the current pandemic.

CEO of the Chandler Foundation and Co-Founder, Landesa, wrote: “Today, as governments are ramping up pandemic response spending to unprecedented levels and shoveling it out of the door with understandable urgency and desperation, the risk of corruption and misappropriation has increased exponentially.

“A recent survey by a German anti-fraud consulting company found that a majority of the 58 countries surveyed experienced corruption related to purchasing and/or access to personal protective equipment. And a report from the Lawyers Council for Civil and Economic Rights found that government contracts for the coronavirus response have been riddled with irregularities in dozens of countries.”

After you’ve graduated from anti-corruption studies,  you can begin a career path in the criminal justice sector or related fields. You can work in both private or government agencies combating corruption and fraudulent activities.

If you’re interested in exploring careers in anti-corruption, here are three online graduate degrees to choose from that you can work on at your own pace:

International Anti-Corruption Agency

The International Anti-Corruption Agency (IACA) has just launched its first two-year, global, postgraduate degree programme in anti-corruption and compliance. The course is fully online and can be taken part-time.

In this course, students take a series of series of interdisciplinary online modules that concentrate on concepts and applied perspectives for preventing and countering corruption and establishing solid components of compliance.

You’ll also develop a Master’s Thesis for which a supporting course in research methods and writing skills will be running in parallel with other modules.


University of Portsmouth

The University of Portsmouth in the UK also offers a Master of Science in Counter Fraud and Counter Corruption.

In this course, you’ll study current research on the extent and nature of fraud and corruption, and the strategies used to combat them.

You’ll choose from core subjects like criminology and cybercrime, and can specialise in certain key areas including International Fraud and Corruption, International and Transnational Offending and Managing Investigations, depending on the career path you wish to pursue.

You can choose to study full or part-time, either on campus or through distance learning, and the course has been developed in partnership with the Counter Fraud Professional Accreditation Board, the Department for Work and Pensions, and the NHS Counter Fraud and Security Management Service.

University of Sussex

The University of Sussex online offers the Master in Corruption and Governance that provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of corruption, where students will explore the following three questions: what is corruption, how much of it exists, and what should be done to combat it?

Students will gain both theoretical knowledge and practical training needed to understand the fundamentals of defining, measuring, and fighting corruption.

They will explore corruption and anti-corruption from the perspectives of law, anthropology, economics, development studies, sociology, and political science.

With five enrolment dates a year (January, March, May, July, and November), you can start this course when you like and study from your own home.

This course is part-time and can be completed in a minimum of two years and a maximum of four and is flexible so that students can take a break from studies if they have other commitments.