Stanford GSB makes MBAs more affordable to Latin Americans

The fee waiver offered by Stanford GSB will offer the opportunity for Latin Americans to uplift their communities.

By U2B Staff 

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Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) is launching an application fee waiver programme and is offering financial aid for students across Latin America enrolled in its MBA programme through the Sí Se Puede Latin America Fee Waiver programme.

Through this targeted fee waiver programme, Stanford GSB aims to expand admission opportunities by removing the financial barriers for students across Latin America.

The fee waiver of USD $275 is applicable to prospective MBA students originating from Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands, Central America, México, and South America, including Brazil who make less than USD $40,000.

Additionally, the MBA application fees will be automatically waived for the 2020-2021 application. Students who successfully gain acceptance into the MBA programme will have access to need-based financial aid opportunities, offered by Stanford GSB.

This fee waiver and fellowships were made possible by Becky Kleiner and Micky Malka, managing partners at Ribbit Capital, who are both from Venezuela and have lived abroad for many years.

Malka said that through this initiative that aims to provide the right tools to the right people, he hopes that society will experience and enjoy its positive experiences as a whole.

“During our time living abroad, we have had the opportunity to interact with many Stanford GSB graduates from Latin America. We have seen that many have returned to their home countries and generated a great impact on their societies and businesses post-graduation,”

Malka added, “We believe that the region is home to many more people who are capable of creating that kind of impact, given the chance.”

This, he said is the reason why he and Kleiner have chosen to work with Stanford GSB. The Sí Se Puede Latin America Fee Waiver Programme aims to remove the barriers that would otherwise prevent applicants from Venezuela and throughout Latin America from taking the next step.

“By helping students to apply to and attend Stanford GSB, we hope to attract those who want to make a difference in their communities and the world,” they added.


Venezuelan Stanford GSB MBA Class of 2020 graduate, Yohanna Maldonado said, “When I looked at the various MBA programmes, studying at the Stanford GSB always seemed like a distant dream that I was not even worth applying for.”

She added that the fee waiver is yet another example of how the school is looking to increase campus diversity and attract more Latin American students.

“I am excited to welcome new students in the years to come,” Maldonado said at a LowKeynote session on “The Nation Behind the News”, a session that offers school students the opportunity to present ideas and activities that can improve the lives of people and communities around the world.

In her speech, Maldonado spoke about hope that Stanford GSB graduates from her native Venezuela return home to help their families and communities.

It is worth supporting the vigorous social fabric that is being produced in Venezuela,” she said.