Free webinars and certifications in product management

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A product manager combines business, technology, and design in order to create a product that meets customers' needs.

By U2B Staff 

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Product management is a highly rewarding field that is also highly in-demand. Product managers work closely with product development teams to uncover and understand customers’ current and potential needs that support business goals.

This exciting field helps business aid decision making across a team of designers and developers by identifying customer pain points, analysing their impact, and then leads the team towards a solution.

Given the importance played by this role, it is no surprise that the remunerations offered by some of the largest companies in the world are all equally appealing:

American multinational technology company, Google, pays its product managers an average salary of $218,329 a year and places an emphasis on employee advancement. Microsoft is not far behind on the scale, paying its product managers up to $217,856 a year.

Product managers are also rewarded competitively in the e-commerce industry – the average salary for a product manager in leading online retailer, Amazon pays about $174,771 a year.

Product management also plays an important part in the banking and financial industry with banks like HSBC paying its product managers up to $129,209 a year. Global FinTech company, PayPal pays its product managers up to $194,449 a year.

If you are interested in a career in product management, then you will be pleased to know that there are many inroads into this career and they do not all require a particular college degree.

There are many online certification courses that you can enrol into to kickstart your career in this field.


Now is especially a good time to enrol in an online course in product management given that most course providers are adapting fully online delivery models that will not only fit your busy schedule but help you save cost.

There are many product management certification courses offered by online course providers such as LinkedIn, Udemy, and Coursera.

While some of these courses can set you back by close to $200, they have a great track record of over 110,000 completions and report that over 1,000 of their students have landed product manager roles at leading companies, like Airbnb, Boeing, Google, and Wayfair.

These courses are ideal aspiring product managers as well as career professionals wanting a change and entrepreneurs who want to learn more about the product development process.

You can also opt for courses that cost less than $30, designed by the Institute of Product Leadership that teaches all the relevant skills and knowledge you need to excel as a product manager.

Skillshare also provides its Transition Into Product Management – Become a Product Manager for free.

This advanced course caters to students who want to pursue careers as product managers or professionals seeking a career change and is led by an experienced product manager, Faisal Memon.

Additionally, you can sign up for free product management webinars through interviews and insights from product leaders from top companies all over the world.