Leadership, Communication, and Finance among most popular courses for upskilling

Get a head start and check out these courses beginning September 2020.

By U2B Staff 

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Class Central has identified twenty-five of the most popular online courses starting in September 2020, based on learners’ bookmark activity.

Online learning has seen a huge surge ever since lockdowns began in early March this year. People had to cut down on outdoor activities and socialising, leaving plenty of hours to fill with personal development or interesting classes online.

Millions of people worldwide have also been laid off due to the pandemic, with industries still struggling to recover. Due to this, people have been turning to online learning to upskill or reskill so that they can find employment.

Interested in the most popular online courses that will be available from September 2020 onwards? Here are the top 10:

Modern Product Leadership

Offered by the University System of Maryland via edX, this course for product managers will enable you to align product teams, product designs, and product development for speed and innovation at scale.

This course is free to audit or you can pay $199 for a certificate. It takes approximately 4 weeks to complete.

Climate Action in Biodiverse Landscapes

In this course by Wageningen University via edX, you will learn how to take joint action to understand and address climate change impacts in your landscape or work.

According to the website, “The MOOC is free if you subscribe to this MOOC and select the audit track. However, we offer you full access to the verified track (including certificate) for EUR 67, – (normal price EUR 88,-) for this brand new MOOC. If you subscribe to the course and upgrade before 9 October 2020 the discount is yours.”

Steps in Japanese for Beginners2 Part3

Learn how to explain a troubling situation and how to ask for assistance from people in Japanese through this course by Waseda University via EdX.  The course is free to audit or you can pay $49 for an online certificate.

Renewable Energy Technologies

This free online course by EMMA offers an updated and comprehensive overview of renewable energy technologies, from technical and economic perspectives.

Startup: How to build a successful business?

Interested in building your own business? This free course by Saint Petersburg State University via Coursera will give you the fundamentals of different kinds of business models and development strategies for startup projects, methods of external financial support, and the concept of incorporation.

Persuasion and Presence for Program and Project Managers

In this program management and project management training course by University of Maryland via edX,  learners will go beyond the communication skills that they learned for the PMP exam to gain your project management certification.  They will also learn how to create an emotional impact even through text messages and emails.


Foundations of Modern Finance I

This course by Massachusetts Institute of Technology via edX will equip you with a deep understanding of financial markets delivered with data-driven insights from MIT professors. The course is free to audit or you can pay $450 for the certificate.

Basic Skills of Constructive Communication

In this free course by St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University via Coursera, you will learn how to improve interaction with people around, formulate and communicate your thoughts and ideas more clearly, accelerate routine processes, improve negotiation skills, and more.

Principles of Microeconomics: Social Microeconomics

You will learn about the realm of public goods and game theory in this course by University of Queensland via edX. Plus, in this free course, you’ll also investigate and analyse how competitive markets, price discrimination and many more microeconomic concepts contribute to particular outcomes in the real world.

You can pay $149 to receive a certificate upon completion.

Food and Nutrition: The Truth Behind Food Headlines

According to the website, “This course is designed for anyone who is losing trust in media headlines about how what we eat affects our health and who wants to get to the truth.”

You’ll learn how to compare how nutrition and health topics are handled by the media and science,  think critically about the information behind media headlines and come to your own conclusions about what’s good for you, as well as find reliable information online and identify unreliable health studies.

This course is offered by and via , and is free to audit. A certificate upon completion can be bought for $44.