Most in-demand tech and non-tech jobs don’t require a degree

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Customer service specialists are currently in demand.

By U2B Staff 

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According to a report by LinkedIn, there are a number of in-demand jobs that are actively hiring in 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put thousands of people out of jobs, and many are looking for a career switch altogether for more stability and higher income.

Upskilling and reskilling are becoming more popular than ever as companies are forced to work remotely and adopt innovative business practices to survive in a volatile economic environment.

One silver lining is that online learning is more accessible and affordable these days, making it a straightforward process for those who need to develop new skills without spending too much time or money.

With the abundance of accredited online degree programmes today, you can receive a high-quality qualification, practical learning and networking opportunities without leaving home.

However, you don’t necessarily need a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree to become qualified for certain jobs, as companies now recognise micro-credentials and online certifications from reputable course providers, although getting a university degree still has its benefits.

The LinkedIn report found that these positions paid a salary in line with or above the living wage, and that people without a university education were employed in these occupations.

If you have an existing foundation in a certain field, it’s even easier to become certified or qualified for these in-demand jobs.


Despite popular belief, not all of the most highly in-demand jobs in 2020 are in tech positions. A number of these are also in non-tech roles.

Upskilling will also help you stand out in a competitive job environment, as technology is moving so rapidly. Employers are increasingly looking to hire those with the latest skills and industry knowledge in their respective fields.

Here are the top 10 most in-demand jobs in 2020 in both technology-based and non-technology roles according to LinkedIn, and how you can upskill or reskill in these areas without enrolling in a degree programme.


Software Developer

It’s an exciting time to upskill or reskill as software developer, with the growth of advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and big data.

There are so many online courses to choose from, so make sure you narrow down your choice to which particular area you want to focus on, whether its DevOps, Full Stack Development, blockchain, machine learning, or Artificial Intelligence. 

IT Administrator

Otherwise known as a System Administrator, people who have this job are responsible for the configuration, general upkeep and operation of computer systems.

You can build a successful career in this field by upskilling in the various courses available, such as System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services offered by Google on Coursera.

IT Support/Help Desk

One of the jobs in the IT sector that is seeing increased demand during the pandemic is IT Support. With so many business operations moved online and physical stores closed, IT support is needed more than ever.

You can obtain a Google IT Support professional certificate on Coursera offered by Google, which will take beginners to job readiness in approximately 3 to 6 months.

Data Analyst

Data analysts retrieve, gather, organise and analyse data for business purposes. With the amount of data now available, more and more companies are looking to hire data analysts.

You can develop data analytic skills through online courses and certifications such as the Data Science Specialisation on Coursera by John Hopkins University, or IBM’s Data Science professional certificate.


Financial Analyst

Financial analysts who can examine financial data for business decisions are high in demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “A growing range of financial products and the need for in-depth knowledge of geographic regions are expected to lead to strong employment growth.”

Learn more about financial analysis through online courses such as The Complete Financial Analyst Course 2020 on Udemy.

Sales Representative

One of the most popular jobs right now is sales representative, with growing demand around the world. To get some specialised training in this field, choose from online course such as the best-selling Sales Training: Practice Sales Techniques online course on Udemy.

Project Manager

Project management is also another coveted skill and is highly in-demand. This skill can be acquired through online courses and certifications such as Six Sigma and Project Management Professional (PMP).

There is also a MicroMasters programme in Project Management offered on EdX which can be completed in eight months at only USD $810.

Customer Service Specialist

With the shift to remote working environments, customer service specialists with good communication skills are becoming more in demand.

You can develop these skills via LinkedIn Learning’s courses such as Customer Service: Managing Customer Expectations, Customer Service Foundations, and Working with Upset Customers.

Graphic Designers

Creative fields are currently high in demand. With the growth of digital marketing and advertising, freelance graphic designers are highly in need to bring campaigns to life as they can work remotely.

If you don’t have a degree in Graphic Design, there’s a number of online courses you can take to develop your design skills, such as the Graphic Design specialisation course on Coursera.

Digital Marketing

This field was booming even before the pandemic, and is becoming more in demand as more companies adopt digital marketing practices instead of traditional marketing like billboard and print advertising.

To develop Digital Marketing skills, you can check out the abundance of online courses such as Accenture’s Digital Skills: Digital Marketing course on FutureLearn or the free Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course from the Google Digital Garage.