AMBA report finds that MBA graduates thrive amid global uncertainty

Nine out of ten MBA graduates have confirmed that they have gained substantially more skills to help them do business better.

By U2B Staff 

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New research by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) and the Business Graduates Association (BGA) reveals that almost two-thirds of MBA graduates have landed their ideal jobs within just six months of completing an MBA programme from an AMBA accredited business school.

752 current MBA students and 2,110 MBA graduates were polled for this study by AMBA that also found that some completed an executive MBA, while some completed part-time MBA programmes. 

MBA graduates from AMBA accredited programmes report improved personal development and professional progression 

Upon completing AMBA acceddited MBA programmes, 68% of graduates reportedly felt more confident, 62% felt that they have improved in solving problems, 58% felt better prepared to operate in highly competitive environments, and 56% believe they became better at dealing with people in a professional capacity. 

35% of respondents also say they have been able to accelerate their careers, 27% report that they have been able to earn substantially more money post-graduation, while 24% report that their MBA has enabled them to perform as an asset to the business community.

Additionally, 55% of fresh MBA graduates report an improvment in problem solving skills, while 26% have accelerated their careers, and 19% deem themselves to be an asset to the community. 


Career success post-MBA

Out of the 2,000 over respondents, 29% said they already landed their desired roles prior to starting their MBA journeys, 17% landed their desired roles whilst studying for the degree, and 15% landed their desired roles within six months of completing the AMBA accredited MBA programmes.

The findings suggest that the largest portions of graduates acquire the roles they want typically within six months of completing an MBA.

Findings reflect that the global recruitment landscape has changed greatly with 28% of employers reporting that there are currently too many candidates and too few MBA-level roles. 

MBA graduates want to acquire skills that prepare them for the business world

When asked to share their reasons for completing an MBA, 70% of graduate participants responded ‘to acquire more skills and knowledge about the business world’, 67% responded ‘’to expand my area of expertise’, and 50% responded ‘to get a broader understanding of how business should be managed. 

31% of current students cited reasons such as ‘to learn about developing a sustainable business, 41% responded ‘to build my confidence’, and 27% responded ‘to help understand how to run a business for the greater good of society.’

Despite the student sample being more inclined to choose more reasons than graduates,  this information suggests that current students are more concerned about socially responsible and sustainable issues in the world of work.

”MBA student and graduate respondents to this research have demonstrated themselves to be ambitious. Their reasons for completing the MBA may be varied but they are, for the most part, focused on self-improvement and enhancing soft skills, over harder metrics such as pay increases or promotions” says author of the report, David Woods-Hale.

The Association of MBAs and The Business Graduates Association also reports that more recent graduates from business school revealed a slightly higher level of satisfaction. In all areas measured, recent graduates were either one or two percentage points higher in agreement than others.