The actual cost of pursuing an MBA in London

Academic prowess, world-leading resource and endless job opportunities make London an incredible place to launch your education and career.

By U2B Staff 

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With more than 395 universities, the United Kingdom acts as a prominent educational hub for international students. It is also home to some of the most renowned MBA courses in the world, recognised by all major global league tables. A graduate from a business school in London is often valued by businesses, both local and international, in almost every type of industry. 

Today, London, in particular, is known to be a diverse metropolis, a financial center, and a political powerhouse. Many are interested in living in the UK capital, but it comes at a cost. Prices for MBAs in the UK are known to increase slightly every year, but students from all over the world still continue to flock to London. If you are considering getting an MBA in London, here are some essential costs to take into consideration: 

Tuition cost:

Tuition fees for an MBA at London Business School cost around GBP£87,857. This covers the full length of the 15-21 month programme inclusive of flights and accommodation. London Business School has a strong reputation for leadership, research initiatives, and comes with a good track record for graduate employability. 

The University of Law Business School is located in central London. The school has a strong focus on career advancement and is delivered by experienced professors from leading business schools. Tuition at this school could cost around GBP£24,000.

The driving forces behind the Kingston University Business School MBA is business innovation and leadership transformation. This programme focuses on real-life practical application of new skills, knowledge, and approaches to transform business opportunities. Tuition costs around GBP£23,500.

York St. John University’s Business School offers students the opportunity to develop essential skills in leadership, problem solving and management. Their Executive MBA programme was designed for managers who are looking to elevate their careers or for those who aspire to acquire leadership roles. The tuition costs around GBP£10,300.


Cost of accommodation:

The National Union of Students has estimated an averaged increased rent spend at around GBP£1,200 a year in comparison to the rest of the UK. 

The cost of accommodation in London varies, depending on the area. With furnishing, in a prime location, rent could cost up to GBP£2,500 a month. A furnished studio in a more average area costs around GBP£1,200 a month. 

London’s top universities are typically based in central London, which means living further away from campus in more average areas could incur additional costs.

University halls are a more economical option for students looking to save on expenses. At GBP£178 a week, it might still cost more than other parts of the UK but it is significantly cheaper than private accommodation.

Cost of transportation:

Getting around in London is very easy for students. With discounts and special offers on public transportation specifically for students, the busses or the London Underground are popular choices. 

A student Oyster card gets you a 30% discount on all journeys throughout the year. All that is needed for registration is proof you are above 18, a London address, and a copy of your university acceptance letter. 

If you live close by, walking or cycling can help you save money on transportation.