Online postgraduate in business analytics programmes by US universities

Business analytics provides insights to help business leaders make informed decisions that ensure business success.

By U2B Staff 

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Online postgraduate in business analytics programmes are quickly becoming an option offered by universities across the globe.

Business analytics is a growing field and companies around the world are increasingly looking for specialists with both business knowledge and expertise in data analytics.

In fact, this field is quickly becoming an essential component for businesses as it allows them to make more strategic business decisions through predictive analytics. 


Typically, a Master’s in Business Analytics programme is designed for learners to develop their skills and knowledge in advanced analytics techniques to transform data into business insights.

Learners should also develop the skills necessary to enable them to convey insights to leaders in their organisation.

Business analysts adept at their craft will be able to turn big data into actionable business intelligence. In order to prepare for a career as a business analyst, it is important to enrol into a programme that blends topics and concepts from data science, business intelligence, statistics, computer science, and big data — all geared toward business application

Additionally, learners should choose a programme that will enable them to become well-versed in computational tools, statistical and predictive modelling.

There is also a need to improve knowledge of international business, economics, and finance that will enable learners to make data-driven business decisions for companies.

Besides the knowledge needed to be a leader in business analytics, a Master’s in Business Analytics programme will also help learners gain the soft skills needed to carry out tasks effectively.

For example, business analysts should be effective communicators as it is important to present data-driven information in a digestible way to stakeholders and investors who are not well-versed in data analytics.

Business analysts also need to communicate with other colleagues from different departments to understand the organisation’s goals and needs, and how data-driven insights will help them. 

Through presentations, internships, projects, or other practical learning components, all carried out virtually, learners will be able to hone the necessary communication skills needed to thrive in this role. 

As there is a shortage of business analysts and a growing need for these professionals, Master’s in Business Analytics graduates can expect a promising career outlook.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics in the US estimates that “employment of management analysts is projected to grow 14% from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations. Demand for the services of these workers should grow as organisations continue to seek ways to improve efficiency and control costs.”

According to Prospects.UK, experienced business analysts can earn from £39,000 to £50,000 yearly.

Additionally, business analysts can also go on to work in a contractual or consultant-based that can rake in about  £350 per day.                                                                                            


There are many options for postgraduate degrees in this field, including MBAs with a specialisation in business analytics, master’s in science programmes, as well as certification programmes.

The University of South Dakota offers a Master’s of Business Administration – Business Analytics that is delivered fully online or through a hybrid format.  This MBA specialisation prepares students to utilise and analyse data to strengthen business decision-making processes.

The programme is delivered either fully online or through a hybrid model that offers a tight integration of the science and technology underlying business analytics with solving key business problems in the areas of operations management, sales, marketing, finance, and economics.

The Master of Science in Business Analytics Delivered Online by Arizona State University (ASU) is a programme is designed with an action-oriented online learning format. This programme can be completed in 16 months with an option for a 100% online delivery that makes it ideal for working professionals.

The Harvard Business Analytics Program is a 100% online certification programme that is designed for data-driven leaders. Its cross-disciplinary curriculum offers a combination of next-generation analytics technologies and core management skills that will enable data leaders to influence strategy at the executive level of their organisations.

The programme is delivered through live, online classes taught by Harvard faculty and provides self-paced coursework that can be accessed by learners throughout the day.