Fullstack Academy and University of Illinois at Chicago to offer online tech courses

Chicago is attracting plenty of tech companies to its shores.

By U2B Staff 

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Fullstack Academy and the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) have joined forces to offer online tech courses to residents in Chicago.

This partnership would help fill its more than 23,000 available tech jobs in the region, and help people develop new skills to enter new careers.


Fullstack is a coding boot camp programme conducted online or on-campus.

The University of Illinois Chicago Tech Bootcamps will teach students highly marketable skills in coding and cybersecurity in 12 weeks, helping students secure well-paying, in-demand tech jobs, said the company in a press release.

There will also be part-time courses available that last 26 weeks. The programmes are designed for early career and experienced professionals and will initially take place in a live, online format, enabling individuals of any tech skill level to learn from wherever they are and enter the growing tech sector quickly.

Citing information from Cyberseek and Indeed, they note that more than 15,000 cybersecurity jobs are open in Chicago, with another 8,000 available in software development. 

“Future projections indicate an aggressive tech growth in coming years, based on announcements made by some of the world’s preeminent companies,” they said.

A growing number of tech-related companies are setting themselves up in Chicago. 

Uber, for instance, plans to hire 2,000 new employees in the region over the next two to three years at its Uber Freight headquarters in the city; Google’s new Chicago-based office required hundreds of new hires, further cementing the region as a growing tech hub.

The Fullstack Academy-UIC partnership enables both companies to help Chicago-area residents meet the region’s growing tech demands quickly.

“Given its prominence across Chicago, leadership in research and workforce development, and continued enrolment growth, UIC is an ideal partner as we aim to expand our presence in the Windy City,” said Nimit Maru, Fullstack Academy co-founder and co-CEO. 

“Through UIC, we’re now uniquely positioned to train more professionals that will be needed to keep pace with the area’s tech growth, and also connect with more organisations to help them hire the best tech talent in the region.”

Graduates of the University of Illinois Chicago Tech Bootcamps will qualify for coding and cybersecurity jobs, where the average entry-level salary for these sectors ranges between US$63,000 to US$75,000 in Chicago.

“In today’s increasingly digital environment, where many are seeking new career opportunities, we felt it was imperative to offer more live, online learning opportunities to help professionals of any experience level enter the tech workforce,” said TJ Augustine, Vice Chancellor for Innovation at UIC. 


“Teaming with Fullstack Academy is an ideal and seamless way to develop more coding and cybersecurity experts and help stimulate our city’s rapid growth in the tech sector.”

This partnership makes UIC the latest academic institution to join Fullstack’s growing university programme that aims to make accelerated live, online skills training available to individuals anywhere in the country. 

Fullstack has previously partnered with other renowned institutions, including Caltech, California Polytechnic State University, and Virginia Tech.

The coding track of this programme will be offered in both a full-time and part-time format, while the cyber track will operate as part-time only. 

In-person classes will be available at the appropriate time in the future. In advance of applications opening January 2021, individuals can complete an interest form to be notified when registration begins.