How you can use LinkedIn Stories for personal branding

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There's a lot to learn about personal branding from icons such as former FLOTUS Michelle Obama.

By U2B Staff 

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LinkedIn rolled out LinkedIn Stories for its American and Canadian users earlier this year. The concept is not unlike the Stories feature that is available on Facebook and Instagram, which allow users to post short videos or photos, create polls, tag people and add filters, text and music for a more personalised approach. 

But more than a platform to share casual ongoings or about your personal life, the Stories feature on LinkedIn can also be used for personal branding to improve one’s presence and credibility for career opportunities. 


Here are some pointers on how students and professionals can use LinkedIn Stories to build their personal brand and improve their credibility: 

Share some insights 

Whether you’re a postgraduate student or a seasoned professional, building your personal brand on LinkedIn Stories could include sharing more about the work that you do, along with any insights that others might find useful. Stories that inform can draw people to your profile. 

For instance, working adults might want to consider sharing about the nature of their work, which could appeal to university students on LinkedIn who are exploring potential career opportunities or young professionals who are looking for mentors. 

Don’t forget to keep it short and succinct to make your Stories impactful. 

Highlight your awards

Did you recently win an award or an honour? What better way to let your connections learn more about your recent achievement or the impact you’re making than sharing it on LinkedIn stories, which sit on your profile for 24 hours before disappearing? 

You can attach relevant images or videos and don’t be shy about sharing how you came to have won the award. 

So, if you’ve won a scholarship to pursue your PhD abroad, why not share with your connections about what research you’ll be pursuing? Who knows, this could lead to opportunities to connect with other researchers in the field. 


Industry changes

What’s new in your industry? Have there been policy changes or new tools that have affected your field in one way or another? For instance, how do algorithm updates on social media affect digital marketers? What tips would you have to navigate a problem?

Talking about trending topics can make you more relatable to others in your industry, or encourage engagement from other industry practitioners to chime in. LinkedIn notes that Stories are a useful way to start a conversation within the professional community.

Showcase what makes you different

Marketing expert Neil Patel notes that people can generate attention for their business by showing people what’s happening behind the scenes.

“For example, if you run a print on demand shirt store, use LinkedIn stories to show people how you make your shirts and why they should choose you over someone else. There’s a great opportunity here for you to separate yourself from the competition without having to hard-sell anyone,” he says in his blog.

This shows some personality behind the business to create a more personal experience. “When people see you’re more than a ‘brand,’ you’ll build the trust that’s so necessary when trying to get someone to do business with you,” says Patel.

Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert and author, has described LinkedIn “as a living résumé or a living business card”. LinkedIn Stories can and should be viewed similarly, and can be used to complement your personal branding.