These are some of the highest paying IT certifications in 2020

AWS skills, cloud and project management certifications are among the important areas for IT professionals to upskill in.

By U2B Staff 

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Are you an IT professional who wants to learn something new to add to your repertoire of skills? PCMag Asia’s annual list of the 10 highest-paying IT certifications found that cloud technology, information security and project management certs are on the rise this year. 

Technology is advancing at breakneck speed, making it essential for workers to upgrade their skills and knowledge to stay abreast of things. PCMag Asia said some of the “hot specialisations” this year range from information systems management, networking, cloud computing, project management and security. 


They add that 80% of IT professionals say that certifications are useful for their careers but the challenge lies in determining which area to focus on. 

The report used data from course provider Global Knowledge to determine the highest-paying IT certifications in the world today. The data is based on what Global Knowledge’s customers are studying as well as the jobs they find after they graduate, it said.

So, what areas should you upskill in? Here are the top five most in-demand certifications for 2020 and the professional institutions and organisations that offer them:

Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Cloud skills are in high demand. This course is ideal if you have over three years of industry experience including a year or more experience designing and managing solutions using GCP. 

Upon completion, you will be able to design and plan a cloud solution architecture, manage and provision the cloud solution infrastructure, design for security and compliance, among others. 

Google Certified Professional Cloud Architects can expect to earn an average of US$175,761 per year, said the report. 

AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate

This AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification is the second most in-demand IT certification for 2020, said PCMag Asia. Amazon notes, “Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 175 fully featured services from data centers globally.”

Global Knowledge is an AWS authorised, worldwide training partner. They note that this three-day course will equip learners with in-depth knowledge of the AWS platform and how to leverage AWS services for specific cloud-based applications. 

“Since AWS introduces an average of 200 new features and services annually, it is critical that you study the most recent innovations. To reinforce this material, you will also explore case studies with a variety of AWS infrastructure designs and strategies. After the course, you will be fully equipped to build and scale a more efficient and reliable IT solution on the AWS cloud environment,” it said. 

Successful AWS Certified Solutions Architects can make an average of US$149,446 per year.  

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

The CISM certification programme was developed by professional association ISACA for experienced information security management professionals who have experience developing and managing information security programmes and who understand the programmes relationship to the overall business goals. 

ISACA notes that the certification indicates expertise in information security governance, program development and management, incident management and risk management. 

CISMs are highly paid — on average, Global Knowledge says CISMs can make an average of US$148,622 per year. 


Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)

ISACA’s CRISC certification indicates expertise in identifying and managing enterprise IT risk and implementing and maintaining information systems controls, notes its website. 

A CRISC certification proves your expertise in four domains: IT risk identification, IT risk assessment, risk response and mitigation and risk and control monitoring and reporting. 

CRISC certification holders earn an average salary of US$117,000 per year.

Project Management Professional (PMP)

The Project Management Institute notes that skilled project managers will be in high demand in the coming years. According to research, employers will need to fill nearly 2.2 million new project-oriented roles each year through 2027. 

PMI offers the Project Management Professional certification which equips learners with the knowledge and skills required in project management. The association notes that “the PMP applies to anyone who helps bring a project to completion”. 

“Just like a CPA validates expertise for accountants, the PMP recognises your ability to manage projects—and the hard work you’ve done so far,” it said. 

IT professionals can also turn to numerous other online learning providers for IT certifications, be it on edX, Coursera and Udacity, to name a few, to upskill at a time and place that suits your lifestyle.