Lessons in video marketing for businesses looking to appeal to the next generation

SOURCE: Drew Angerer/Getty Images/AFP
Video marketing is an essential in today’s digital-centric society, especially when it comes to attracting a younger audience.

By U2B Staff 

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Businesses today are striving to appeal to a new generation of consumers. It is all about their purchase preferences and their participation on social media that keeps businesses progressing. In the current digital marketing landscape, videos have become the reigning content format, even more so on social media platforms. 

We’re all familiar with the saying “content is king”, especially in marketing this saying is repeated too often as an accurate reminder. Facebook gets eight billion video views daily, TikTok got one million views a day in its first year. A billion hours of YouTube videos are watched on a daily basis. Most importantly, a whopping 40% of millennials say they trust videos above all else. 

To begin appealing to this market, videos need to be conceptualised and created. It can be a challenging task but it is not always necessary to have high production value when it comes to creation. To start, it is important to stay on top of new platforms and its features. 


Social media platforms come, go, and evolve over time. Vine, for example, was a platform that rose to fame incredibly quickly. Six-second videos drove the new generation wild, unfortunately, Vine’s popularity lasted almost as briefly as the short content it was known for. The platform may have disappeared as quickly as it conquered, but its direction left a lasting impression. Today platforms like Snapchat and TikTok are known to be game changers that millions are hoping will stick around. 

Established platforms like Facebook and Instagram took notes of these developments and quickly began taking the necessary steps to appeal to a market that was looking to not just see but to watch. “Stories” were launched on both platforms, short videos that would stay on profiles for 24hrs before being deleted. 

Recently, Instagram launched “Reels” which features short video content. While video content is still in the process of growing, it is most definitely the future and an essential method of marketing that all businesses should begin to embrace and utilise. Here are some valuable lessons about creating video content for millennials and Gen Zers:

Keep it short

According to Entrepreneur, the average human attention span is getting shorter as social media dominates the world with visual experiences. Short-form videos give you more freedom to produce hard-hitting, relatable videos that get to the point, without the overhead of creating more in-depth content. 

The thought of time-consuming content is unappealing to most. When creating video content, it is important to make sure they stay short, bearing in mind that most people, especially younger audiences, have short attention spans. 

By using new social media’s latest features and platforms, you won’t have a choice but to make short videos. Instagram’s Reels last 15 seconds. A single Snapchat or TikTok video is no longer than 60 seconds. Focus on conveying your core message at the very beginning.


Keep it interactive

Young audiences love getting involved so try to focus on creating content that is interactive. Run campaigns on social media, asking your followers to send in response videos that can be compiled and used for further promotion. Try to ask for suggestions on what your audience would like to see more of through polls, QnA’s and by encouraging comments and feedback in your captions. The more involved the audience feels, the more likely they are to stay engaged and share it with their friends.

Create content that is practical

Millennials and Gen Zers often respond to brands that focus on quality content that conveys a highly informative yet entertaining message. Avoid aggressive sales or branding content and produce material that improves lives or creates convenience in some ways instead. 

Explore platforms that younger demographics connect with, such as TikTok where you’ll find life hacks, makeup tips, advice, and many similar posts that generate millions of likes and views.

Be authentic

Along with creating content that is brief, engaging and practical, it is crucial to showcase a brand personality. Today’s influencers do just that by creating content without focusing on high-quality production, exuding authenticity that resonates with audiences.