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Companies with digitally savvy leaders are more likely to achieve digital transformation success with and within their companies.

By U2B Staff 

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Educators suddenly find the need to deliver learning online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Knowledge in skills in online teaching is important to make virtual classrooms work in practice. Among the skills required are how to use technological tools to deliver teaching and learning as well as how to create different pedagogical approaches for online delivery through edtech courses.

In addition to that, educators will have to create digitally inclusive content also apply EdTech best practices in teaching and learning. These include device and data protection as well as maintenance, safe storage practices, effective communication as well as managing and protecting students’ digital footprints and online identity.


Verizon Innovative Learning is providing additional support and remote learning resources for teachers to facilitate and improve the delivery of digital learning initiatives to students across the country.

The American telecommunication giant s increasing its investment in support of remote learning with the launch of new programs to benefit technology-integrated instruction: Teacher Training Pathways and a new offering to bring connectivity to more students in under-resourced schools.

This new initiative that is developed under the Verizon Innovative Learning programme aims to address barriers to digital inclusion by bringing valuable training and tools to teachers and students in support of digital learning.

These efforts are part of the company’s continued commitment to reaching its goal of providing 10 million young people with the digital skills training necessary for them to thrive in a modern economy.

Through this initiative, American teachers can now access Teacher Training Pathways, a free platform offering edtech courses aligned to micro-credentials on remote and hybrid learning, instructional technology coaching, and more.

Created in partnership with the education non-profit Digital Promise, Teacher Training Pathways will help teachers become more efficient and effective in delivering technology-integrated instruction.


The courses on the training pathway will that is open to all educators will support teachers with free professional learning focused on digital skills, remote learning, and digital coaching with opportunities to earn Digital Promise micro-credentials.

The courses featured on the platform include Introduction to Instructional Technology Coaching, a course that defines instructional coaching and provides depth on initial coaching strategies used by instructional technology coaches as they develop/expand their roles within a school.

The Evergreen Tools for Blended and Remote Learning course offers teachers an opportunity to explore powerful tools for creating online classroom spaces and meaningful blended and remote learning experiences.

While exploring the potential of these edtech tools, teachers will learn and apply a framework that will help students to be thoughtful about the tools they select.

The Transitioning to Remote Learning course is “designed to help educators address learning challenges in remote instruction through a process of needs assessment, course design, and implementation of critical elements of developing an equitable and inclusive learning ecosystem that meets the needs of students of all backgrounds and identities in a remote learning environment”.