TAFE launches free courses for young Australians

SOURCE: Patrick T. Fallon / AFP
TAFE courses will provide young Australians with skills necessary to pursue careers in social media, construction, and business.

By U2B Staff 

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Young Australians looking to enter the workforce this year will have the opportunity to enrol in free TAFE courses that will provide them the skills necessary to pursue careers in social media, construction, and business.

The free courses were chosen to prepare eligible workers for jobs in expanding sectors including healthcare, social care, education, manufacturing, and business.

Australia’s prime minister, Scott Morrison announced this scheme as part of a $1 billion JobTrainer plan which will allow thousands of school-leavers to study for in-demand jobs at no cost.


The JobTrainer scheme was launched through a joint initiative between the federal government and the NSW Government, contributing funding worth $500 million and $160 million respectively.

JobTrainer funding is available for a range of diplomas, certificates, and short courses based on a list from the National Skills Commission.

In the Summer Skills Programme, short courses will be made available for students who have recently left school, allowing them to develop job-ready skills both online and in-person.

The courses are launched by TAFE NSW, an institution in Australia that has multiple campuses and a 130-year history in offering education and training programmes taught by industry-qualified and experienced faculty members.


TAFE NSW develops courses with industry partners so they are sufficiently prepared and able to develop the required skills.

The hands-on approach to learning means that there are ample opportunities for internships and work placements.

Similarly, through this initiative, TAFE NSW provides an opportunity for students to study a maximum of two programmes at the same time and courses include subjects in business, coding, civil infrastructure, design, and first aid.

Managing Director of TAFE NSW, Steffen Faurby urged young Australians to take advantage of the free programmes.

“We have to skill the workforce to take advantage of future job opportunities which may be very different to jobs in the pre-COVID economy,” Faurby said.

He added that TAFE NSW is working closely with industry to ensure we are delivering a pipeline of job-ready graduates armed with the latest skills to help kick-start the economy.

Faurby added that ‘The Summer Skills programme is a great opportunity for young people to get a taste of different industries and ensure they get a head start in the changing jobs market.’

TAFE NSW also launched free JobTrainer courses at a Certificate III, Certificate IV, and Diploma level in September next year.