MBA abroad in 2021: Should you do it despite the pandemic?

Several countries around the world are currently offering admission to international students in 2021-22.

By U2B Staff 

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It’s been suggested that getting accepted into an MBA programme in 2021 will be challenging, following the admissions cycle that US business schools say is shaping up to be the most competitive in recent memory. 

From securing a good GMAT score to producing a compelling essay, it’s easy to strategise breezing through the admissions process, if you dedicate the right amount of time to preparation. 

What about pursuing an MBA abroad? What does the COVID-19 outbreak mean for postgraduate aspirants who wish to gain international qualification?

With the pandemic disrupting travel and international studies across the globe, there are many uncertainties for prospective students who are looking to commence their courses abroad in late-2020 or 2021.

The situation is rapidly changing and evolving which means there is no definite answer, but the short answer in most cases as to whether or not you should pursue an MBA abroad in 2021 is: yes. 

If you are unable to physically attend on-campus classes due to travel restrictions in your country, the good news is that many universities are working closely with their governments to set in place alternatives for prospective and current international students.


These alternatives include universities and training providers offering international students the option to begin their MBA programmed online and ensuring a smooth transition to on-campus studies as soon as borders open. 

“Many people assume that student numbers will fall in response to the current problems, but recessions tend to mean that people want more education because the alternatives – underemployment or unemployment – are worse, and having more skills can protect you against the economic chill winds”, says Nick Hillman, Director of the Higher Education Policy Institute.

Banit Singh Sawhney, CEO at EduLoans, confirmed this to ProdigyFinance. He says that students looking to start their studies in 2021 would be joining the workforce in 2022 or 2023, when the economy is expected to rebound.

“IMF has predicted that 2022/2023 will see unprecedented growth, as the amount of liquidity in the world after a recession is bound to increase global traction. Hence students who are looking to start studying in 2021 should not think twice before pursuing their dreams.”

Why should you fast track your career with an international MBA?  There are many reasons why, but some of the top ones are higher earning potential, quicker career advancement, enhanced networking opportunities, and the acquisition of topical and crucial skills and knowledge. 

Enrolling in an MBA programme abroad exposes students to a large network of professionals and companies that will contribute to your growth. International exposure also gives aspiring business leaders the chance to gain insight to the latest business management principles.


Countries such as the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the US, Germany, France and more are currently accepting applications from international students in 2021-22, making the options endless for the students who do not wish to change their study abroad plans. 

Regardless of location, an MBA is designed to test students beyond their comfort zones, and learning to thrive in a foreign environment can open several doors that lead to a wide range of sectors.

For international students who are currently planning ahead, it is essential to stay on top of COVID-related updates on international admissions, mode of learning and the travel restrictions. Identify your top choices in terms of business schools and their locations early, and be sure to stay updated.