4 master’s degree apprenticeships in data science (UK)

SOURCE: Joe Raedle/Getty Images/AFP
Data science apprenticeships can help to reduce the skills gap in this field.

By U2B Staff 

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In the UK, apprenticeships are offered across all levels of education.  Master’s degree apprenticeship based qualifications are becoming increasingly popular as the list of universities in the UK offering this option grows. There are now over 100 universities in England on the register of apprenticeships training providers, and the number of degree apprenticeship starts has increased, from 1,614 to 7,114 in the first quarter of 2019.

Masters degree apprenticeships are relatively new but are already highly embraced by employers in various industries. Research commissioned for this report shows an increasing need for people with data science skills, with a sharp rise in demand for Data Scientists and Data Engineers in the last five-and-a-half years.

The demand spans all sectors, with specialists sought after everywhere from government departments to technology start-ups. There are various programmes on offer, for undergraduates who want to choose a specialty, those who want to assume leadership positions in their organisations, and those who want to advance their existing skills in this field.


MSc digital and technology solutions (data analytics) degree apprenticeship

Anglia Ruskin University offers a Masters-level Digital and Technology Solutions Specialist Degree Apprenticeship in Data Analytics.

This two-year course is suitable for professionals looking to develop their internal Data Science capabilities. Students enrolled in this programme can expect to develop their skills in computing and programming, as well as develop knowledge in machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing.

The course is taught as a blend of immersive teaching, online study, and a hackathon-style Bootcamp that simulates real-world environments.

Master’s degree apprenticeship for digital technology solutions specialist (data analytics)

Brunel University London offers a degree apprenticeship master’s in digital technology solutions which is suitable for professionals embarking on a career as a data analytics.

This qualification prepares professionals with skills that enable them to investigate business data requirements and apply data selection, data curation, data quality assurance, and data investigation and engineering techniques.

Brunel’s programme is suitable for a career as a big data analyst, data and insight analyst, data science specialist, data management specialist, or even analytics lead.


Master’s degree apprenticeships for leadership technology

The University of West London is also offering an MSc Digital and Technology Solutions Specialist (Data Analytics) Degree Apprenticeship for professionals with a desire to enhance their technology leadership skills.

The master’s degree apprenticeship programme will focus on the skills required to facilitate and influence the provisioning of digital and technology solutions in an organisation. It’s combined focus pairs leadership and specialist skills with knowledge within the dynamics of organisations.

Apprenticeship students will benefit from the programme that combines academic study with work-based experience, where they will have an opportunity to apply theoretical learning in a workplace environment.

Learners will hone their skills by applying concepts and trying out techniques and tools in an actual business setting. At the end of the programme, apprentices will participate in a business-related project with the employer, that will be supervised by the university.

Master’s of science in data science apprenticeship

City, University of London offers an Apprenticeship MSc in Data Science which is a programme that covers the intersection of computer science and statistics, machine learning, and practical applications.

This programme helps participants develop the skills and knowledge to analyse data in many forms and communicate insights while gaining hands-on skills.