PopUp Business School offers free online workshops

PopUp Business School offers its events for free.

By U2B Staff 

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PopUp Business School offers free online workshops and in-person courses that have helped thousands of entrepreneurs gain the confidence and knowledge they need to expand ideas and develop their businesses.

The school is based in the UK and has provided free in-person and virtual business training events offering innovative entrepreneurship lessons since its inception in 2012.

Today, PopUp Business School has an impressive track record of running programmes that have helped thousands of UK-based entrepreneurs by helping them put their ideas in motion and the knowledge to help them close sales.

Besides the free online workshops, PopUp Business School also offers dozens of in-person and live online events in the UK, Commonwealth nations, and the U.S., among other global locations every year.

In 2019, the business school helped nearly 3,000 event participants launch close to 1,000 businesses, and 33% of participants made a sale during the event they attended.


This year, the business school converted its programmes into virtual live formats. The school also helped more than 2,400 individuals with practical business acumen.

Co-Founder of PopUp Business School, Alan Donegan said, “all courses and events aim to help people move on from the preparation phase and directly into sales.”

Donegan co-founded the PopUp Business School with CEO, Simon Paine when he realised that the impulse to spend upfront often leads entrepreneurs to put their credit on the line to start their businesses, which can be disadvantageous to the endeavour.

“Entrepreneurs should be careful, though, because asking friends doesn’t provide the same quality of feedback,”

He adds, “The best way to determine customer preferences is to ask a prospect to buy a product.”

PopUp Business School offers its events for free, thanks to sponsorships from economic development and housing agencies, philanthropic organisations, and corporations that including Microsoft, Bluehost, and Betterment.

Donegan said that the business school‘s courses and online resources reinforce that philosophy by providing inspiration, practical help, and a supportive community.


PopUp Business School has joined forces with ChooseFI to create ​The Rebel Entrepreneur Podcast, which is part of its free offerings.

Fear: ​what stops you from starting up? Five ways to start a business with no debt, and Startup stories:

​Timetrap Escape Rooms are among some of the free podcasts available for budding entrepreneurs.

The PopUp Business School YouTube Channel has been built to provide entrepreneurs with daily inspiration and advice on everything to do with building businesses, being an entrepreneur, and starting up.

The highlight of PopUp Business School’s free live events which will be held fully online during the pandemic.

Entrepreneurs can enrol in Milton Keynes Online Business Course which will commence in February next year.

The free course will cover topics such as How To Bootstrap Your Business, Marketing: Promoting Your Business, How to Pitch and Present Your Business.

Similar programmes will be conducted throughout the UK, including Sheffield, Kent, Stratford-Upon-Avon, and Surrey.