Work from home gift ideas for friends and family this Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, the right gift can help brighten up the at-home working environments of those still trying adapt to the new normal.

By U2B Staff 

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has become a central part of life. Most of us have slowly come to terms with the new normal, some are thoroughly enjoying it, while some are still trying their best to adjust. 

People who are still struggling to adjust usually are facing many of the unique problems that come with managing a new home office, searching for a balance between being productive, prioritising tasks, and delegating the time to relax after hours, when they are supposed to.

With Christmas around the corner, gifting season is currently among us. To help your family members, friends or colleagues adapt better, these work from home gifts will do more than just sweeten up their new workspaces:

Noise canceling headphones 

Concentration is important when working from home especially for those with kids. Noise-canceling headphones is an ideal work from home gift you can give to a working mom or dad. With wireless noise-canceling headphones, individuals can tune out distractions and maybe get a chance to listen to their favourite podcasts or songs while getting work done.


High-quality webcam

A pixelated or blurry picture never helps anyone, especially those with several Zoom calls scheduled on a daily basis. Even high-end laptops often do not come with built-in webcams that have a 1080p resolution. With a quality webcam, remote workers can keep things clear and professional with a full HD resolution, dual microphones, a wide viewing angle, and oftentimes a built-in privacy shutter.

White noise machine 

When you’re at home all day, you start to notice all the sounds that are happening outside your window, from home repairs at the house next door to the sounds of cars and buses passing by. Help your work-from-home friend block out that noise with a white noise machine. 

It isn’t just for sleep. On a desk, it takes up little space yet is powerful enough to mask even screeching cat noises. Many people find that white noise helps them relax and focus better, something we could all use a little more of these days.

Healthy snack bundle

It’s easy to end up craving and snacking on the wrong kinds of food when working from home. You can give your working from home friends or relatives the ultimate snack care package that includes all their favorite healthy snacks to keep them fueled during long hours of work.


Task lamp

Good lighting is essential when doing detailed work at night or early morning, especially when working at home online. A desk lamp is a great work from home gift that will make their work much easier.

Fitness tracker

Exercise is important even for people who work from home. With a fitness tracker, your friend or family member can monitor and track whatever counts as an exercise. As a healthy and practical gift, one of the most popular ones in the market is the Fitbit which allow user to track their progress with an app. 

A house plant

Choose from easy-to-care-for live plants, or fake ones — either will help give your friend or family member’s workspace a bit more colour and life. Potted plants have really taken off during the pandemic, as more people try to spruce up their living spaces and home offices due to all the time they’ve been forced to spend at home. Succulents are low-maintenance and well-adaptable to the indoors, known to survive on little water.