The Growth Company: Upskilling UK businesses for Brexit

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson gestures as he holds a remote press conference to update the nation on the post-Brexit trade agreement.

By U2B Staff 

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In the UK, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) play a significant role in supporting the economy. UK Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy reported that SMEs in the UK account for 50% of the total revenue generated by UK businesses and makeup 44% of the labour force.

According to a recent McKinsey online survey of UK SMEs, 80% of small businesses reported their revenues were on the decline since the middle of 2020.

Leaders and founders of small businesses need to innovate and collaborate to navigate unchartered waters, while government support plays a critical role in their survival.

As the UK goes into its third lockdown and as Brexit settles in, businesses across the region need help and support to remain viable in these challenging times.


The Growth Company hosts the Skills Support for the Workforce which will help businesses upskill staff through bespoke support and training. dedicated to economic growth and will be providing struggling businesses in the UK with the support it needs to face the challenges free of charge.

The company aims to support Greater Manchester Businesses during this challenging time through a package of support and assistance ranging from access to finance to leadership and mentoring, peer networks, and support with the workforce through skills, training, and recruitment.

Director of business growth at The Growth Company, Richard Jeffery said, “Throughout the pandemic and through Brexit we have helped thousands of business owners with support at a time when they needed us the most.”

Jeffrey added that has been a challenging 10 months as businesses have been impacted by lockdown, Tier 3 and Tier 4 measures as well as Brexit, but there are high levels of resilience in the business community.

He assures that while rough times lie ahead, due to the announcement of a new national lockdown just a few days into 2021, the company wants to reassure business owners that The Growth Company is still here to provide ongoing support to help them to get through the months ahead and help protect jobs and the economy.

The company’s team of trusted business advisors are from a range of sectors enabling them to help businesses of all sizes throughout this lockdown period.


The Growth Company provides free support for businesses through its GC Business Growth Hub website, which contains a summary of the latest guidance for support packages offered through the Central and Local Government.

Through the GC Business Finance, The Growth Company offers an impartial business finance service that provides alternative options for growing businesses that have been unable to obtain funding through a mainstream lender.

The company also provides businesses with guidelines on new rules and regulations on Brexit through its Business advice on EU Exit hub.

The Growth Company also hosts an upskilling platform, known as the Skills Support for the Workforce which will help businesses upskill staff through bespoke support and training.

The skills training will provide coaching support to develop both vocational and soft skills and help develop skills in literacy and numeracy.

The training programme will also provide specialist support for businesses going through restructuring exercises and where the staff is at risk of redundancy — including employability skills to help individuals find alternative employment.