Get hired in 2021: Take these 3 free courses

LinkedIn Learning is offering some of its courses for free to help jobseekers gain the skills that will set them apart from their competition.

By U2B Staff 

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Job-seeking during a pandemic can be quite challenging as throngs of job seekers around the globe scramble to find employment amid economic uncertainty. LinkedIn Learning is offering some of its courses for free to help job seekers gain the skills that will set them apart from their competition to get hired this year.

These free courses aim to help job seekers prepare themselves in several areas in the recruitment and hiring process.


Resume Makeover

If you have been sending out multiple resumes but have only been receiving radio silence as a response, then this course may help you tackle one of the most important aspects of hiring – your resume.

While writing a resume should be a simple, straightforward process, there are some nitty-gritty details that you should pay attention to and this course can help you improve your resume writing abilities.

This course covers several topics that will expose learners to the elements that make a good resume including format and style and will provide tips that will help job seekers customise their resumes according to the job description.

You will learn how to build your resume roadmap, what to highlight in the key skill section as well as how to craft the summary section on the resume that can help you get hired this year.

Learners will ultimately learn how to develop a resume that highlights and showcases the right professional qualifications and experience and will help jobseekers package resume and career gaps in a manner that appeals to hiring managers.


Creating Great First Impressions

Once your resume gets you the attention you deserve and you have been shortlisted to attend an interview, it will be your time to shine.

Creating Great First Impressions is a course that can help interview candidates create a good first impression.

This course which will be available for free on LinkedIn Learning for the whole of January 2021 will help you create a good impression in meetings, interviews, and even when negotiating, by helping you build instant rapport.

This course is delivered by Vanessa Van Edwards, a lead investigator at Science of People, a human behavior research lab where she shares research-backed strategies that can help learners make the first few seconds of any interaction count.

In this course, you will learn how to harness nonverbal, vocal, and verbal power to set you ahead of your competition.


Expert Tips for Answering Common Interview Questions

This course is available for free on LinkedIn’s learning platform for the entire month of January. The course aims to introduce expert tips that can help job seekers throughout the interview process and will equip them with career management, personal branding, and job search skills.

Throughout the course, learners will learn how to devise answers to some of the most common yet challenging questions, including salary expectations, the reason for leaving your current job as well as your leadership style.

Candidates will also be exposed to some of the correct ways to provide feedback and raise questions in an interview that can help them get hired this year.

At the end of the course, learners will develop the knowledge and skills that will help them handle the post-interview process, including how to request feedback and managing expectations while waiting for a response from the hiring manager.