PopUp Business School goes to Sheffield and Surrey in 2021

SOURCE: Steve Jennings / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP
In 2019, the PopUp Business School helped nearly 3,000 participants launch close to 1,000 businesses in the UK.

By U2B Staff 

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This February, businesses in the UK can develop expertise and new skills through the PopUp Business School — an initiative that provides a series of programmes designed for entrepreneurs in the country.

The school is based in the UK and has provided free in-person and virtual business training events offering innovative entrepreneurship lessons since its inception in 2012.

Today, PopUp Business School has an impressive track record of running programmes that have helped thousands of UK-based entrepreneurs by helping them put their ideas in motion and the knowledge to help them close sales.

Besides the free online workshops, PopUp Business School also offers dozens of in-person and live online events in the UK, Commonwealth nations, and the U.S., among other global locations every year.


The business courses will also provide entrepreneurs and business leaders with the information, inspiration, and practical advice on how to build and evolve their business.

Business leaders can expect to equip themselves with business acumen skills and develop a deep understanding through topics such as How to Bootstrap Your Business, Marketing: Promoting Your Business, and How to Pitch and Present Your Business, which are all part of the free programme.

In 2019, the business school helped nearly 3,000 event participants launch close to 1,000 businesses, and 33% of participants made a sale during the event they attended.

This year, the PopUp Business School has announced a partnership with Sheffield City Council and three major housing associations and is set to upskill entrepreneurs based in the city from February 8 this year.

CEO and co-founder of PopUp Business School, Simon Paine said that the Sheffield Online Business Course initiative aims to support businesses in Sheffield that have been impacted by restrictions and crises in 2020.

“We know Sheffield has been hit hard over the past year, with businesses closed and people being ill, or worse. But we want to tap into some of that inner Sheffield steel we know is still there, and help people regain control of their lives,” Paine said.

He added that this is the perfect time for businesses to be starting up and says that the pandemic should not act as a hindrance.

“Now’s actually the best time to be starting up. Because, if you can make it work now, you will be perfectly placed when the world starts to open again,” he said.


Reflecting on his own journey, he adds that PopUp Business School also joined leagues of other businesses that were forced to pivot due to COVID-19 — In 2020, the business school was forced to convert its live programmes into virtual live formats.

“We had to move everything online after our entire business model was turned upside down by Covid-19. So, we changed the way we work and have moved to online or hybrid events,” he said.

“There are advantages with online events, the main one being that there’s no limit to the number of people who can attend.”

Similarly, businesses located in Surrey are also invited to participate in the Surrey Online Business Course which will commence on February 22 this year.

Just like its counterpart, the programme will be made available to businesses for free and will support businesses in the area by helping them develop a new way of thinking and providing practical solutions to help them get their business ideas off the ground.

Similar programmes will be conducted throughout the UK, including Kent and Stratford-Upon-Avon.