Amazon Web Services launches free web development series

AWS Dev Hour: Building Modern Applications streaming on Twitch will teach participants how to build cloud-native applications and architecture practices.

By Aisyah Liliana 

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has recently launched a new web development course through a live stream series that aims to provide free training for individuals interested in developing their skills to build modern cloud applications.

The new, free web development course, AWS Dev Hour: Building Modern Applications streaming on Twitch will teach participants how to build cloud-native applications and architecture practices.

The series is part of Amazon’s commitment to providing free tech skills training to 29 million learners globally by 2025 through its innovative offerings for learners all over the world.

The first installation of the streamed training series started in late January this year and will continue for seven more weeks.


AWS Dev Hour: Building Modern Applications is a programme that is built by developers and is designed for developers who are looking for an interactive, fun, and hands-on approach training programme that will allow them to learn by doing.

The AWS Dev Hour: Building Modern Applications series is the fourth of its kind produced for Twitch by AWS Training and Certification.

This new series follows the success of AWS Power Hour: Machine Learning and AWS Power Hour: Cloud Practitioner that attracted thousands of learners.

AWS Dev Hour extends the interactive learning aspect for learners through a continuous hands-on project that they will complete as the series progresses.

Over the course of eight weekly episodes, AWS expert hosts Ben Newton and May Kyaw, both based in Australia, will take learners through the end-to-end build of a serverless application in the AWS Cloud using the AWS Free Tier.

In this course, participants will start building a modern, full-stack, cloud-native application in the AWS Cloud enabling them to learn best practices for modern applications and develop a better understanding of how AWS-Cloud-native applications differ from on-premises.

Through subsequent episodes, learners will have the opportunity to code in real-time alongside the hosts and leverage on AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon API Gateway, the React library, authentication, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), AWS, and even CodePipeline.


Director of Learning Products, AWS Training and Certification, Scott Barneson said that providing free access to technical skills training has been an important priority for us for many years.

Barneson said, “We know access to skills training can help unlock opportunities and have a positive, long-term impact for our employees, customers, and communities,”

“The AWS Dev Hour series provides a fun, interactive way for developers to get hands-on and learn how to build cloud-native applications—covering AWS Dev services, architecture, serverless, microservices, and DevOps. There is no better time or opportunity to increase your modern application-development skills.”