Amazon to provide free mechatronics and robotics training

SOURCE: David Becker / AFP
Amazon’s Mechatronics and Robotics Apprenticeship (MRA) Program, is a free programme that is set to provide training in mechatronics and robotics for free.

By U2B Staff 

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Amazon recently announced the launch of a new apprenticeship programme, the Mechatronics and Robotics Apprenticeship (MRA) Program, a free programme that is registered with the U.S. Department of Labor.

This announcement comes as a part of Amazon’s investment of $700 million to provide free skills training to employees—helping them further their careers in high-paying, in-demand roles, such as cloud computing.

This new programme will provide an opportunity for employees to apply for an apprenticeship that will train them on the skills and technical knowledge needed to fulfill technical maintenance roles.

It is also set to provide training in mechatronics and robotics which will result in a wage increase by up to 40% for employees who complete the programme.


Employees will also acquire the skills necessary for better career opportunities at no cost.

Through this programme, participants will receive training from the company’s education partners during a 12-week course.

Following coursework, employees will participate in a year-long apprenticeship with a technical maintenance specialist to become eligible for a full-time job as a mechatronics and robotics technician.

High performers who complete the first phase of the programme may be eligible for additional training with an Amazon higher education partner, followed by approximately two years of on-the-job learning.


After this extended period of coursework and training, “participants will be eligible for even more skilled and higher-paying roles in technical maintenance,” Amazon.

While apprenticeships have traditionally been viewed as an entry point to those who first starting out in their careers, this no longer holds true, as the face of apprenticeships has evolved over the years. In fact, an increasing number of students pursuing a master’s qualification have opted for apprenticeships to gain entry to employment.

This reflects changes in the current education and employment climate, where there are abundant opportunities for existing staff to get involved and upskill themselves in various new fields.

Victor Daniel is an Amazon employee currently enrolled in the MRA programme in Pennsylvania. Commenting on the programme, Daniel said, “When I joined Amazon, I believed there would be opportunities to grow my career, and I’m thrilled to be part of something as innovative as robotic maintenance,”

He added, “To have the opportunity to go back to school for free, get trained, and then learn on the job, all while earning more, has been a huge benefit.”

Amazon currently employs 1.1 million full and part-time employees globally, making it the second-largest employer in the US. Just recently, the tech titan announced 100,000 new seasonal jobs, 35,000 employee promotions, and 30,000 Career Choice success stories.