LinkedIn to launch new skill-building platform this year

Some of the benefits of LinkedIn Learning Hub will include personalised content, which makes it easier for learners to build the right skills.

By U2B Staff 

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LinkedIn will be launching LinkedIn Learning Hub — a skill-building platform — in the second half of the year. 

The platform will give companies the tools to invest in their employees and to incentivise them to learn new skills. It is also designed to meet the learning needs of both small and large organisations.


LinkedIn Learning and Glint senior director of product James Raybould made the announcement in a blog post, saying: “We are currently in beta with many customers around the world and when the product is generally available, corporate LinkedIn Learning Pro customers will be automatically upgraded to Learning Hub at no additional charge for at least a year.”

LinkedIn Learning Hub will have all of the capabilities of a traditional Learning Experience Platform (LXP).

Raybould said: “It draws on data and insights from our Skills Graph, the world’s most comprehensive skills taxonomy with 36,000+ skills, 24 million+ job postings, and the largest professional network of 740 million+ members, empowering customers with richer skill development insights, personalised content, and community-based learning.”

He added: “Traditionally, LXPs aggregate all learning content in one place, but they usually stop short there. Creating a single destination to all learning content is only the first step to create a true skilling solution. Three critical capabilities, all included in Learning Hub, elevate an LXP into an intelligent skill-building platform.”

AI-driven recommendations to bolster skill-building 

Some of the benefits of LinkedIn Learning Hub include personalised content, which makes it easier for learners to build the right skills. 

The hub brings together all of an organisation’s learning resources together, including LinkedIn Learning content, partner content, an organisation’s custom-created content, and content from popular LMSs, including SuccessFactors, Cornerstone, and Saba. 

LinkedIn Learning Hub’s content partners include Pluralsight, O’Reilly, Harvard ManageMentor, getAbstract, and edX, to name a few. It taps into AI-driven recommendations to individual learners based on their learning activity and broader LinkedIn insights.

To encourage learners to spend more time learning, LinkedIn offers community-based learning to connect them to people who they can learn from and build new skills with.

“We know that employees who utilise the social learning features on LinkedIn Learning today spend 30 times more hours learning than those who don’t. By helping learners easily connect with their colleagues, peers, and experts — including LinkedIn Learning instructors — learning gets locked in,” said Raybould.


The platform will also help companies identify skill gaps with data and insights.

“On the admin dashboard, L&D [ learning and development] pros can identify skills gaps, pin key skills and track trends over time, benchmark themselves against similar companies, get insights on skills interest and learning activity, and track skill trends across content sources.”

LinkedIn Learning Hub maps content across all sources with the LinkedIn taxonomy, which uncovers insights that will help L&D professionals measure the impact of learning more precisely than before.