Unprepared for a leadership role? Here’s how you can boost your leadership skills

Bill Gates is one of the world’s most prominent business leaders. If you’re stepping into a more senior role at work, exec-ed courses can help bolster your leadership skills.

By U2B Staff 

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Are you a manager who’s looking to grow your leadership skills? According to research from Gallup Panel, employee preparedness and alignment are on a downward trend. It found that US employees and managers are about 20% less likely than they were in May 2020 to strongly agree that they feel well prepared to do their job since the pandemic began.

“Gallup’s latest data suggest that leaders’ COVID-19 communication efforts have slipped. The protracted, dynamic nature of the pandemic has left many feeling weary and longing for the finish line. But for the employees who look to leadership for communication and direction, COVID-19 challenges are still alive and well,” it said.

Leaders — including those moving into more senior positions — face a myriad of challenges amid the pandemic by having to lead change, address conflicts, and create new strategies amid a volatile environment while being under pressure to enhance value for the organisations they represent.

There are many executive education programmes that focus on transformative leadership. Many of these courses can be completed within a week, making it easy for professionals to apply their newfound knowledge and skills at work.

Transformative leadership skills 

Many business schools offer executive education courses on transformative leadership coaching, but what can you expect to learn from such courses? 

The topics and modules indubitably vary, while each programme has varying admission requirements.

Hult Ashridge, for instance, offers “The Transformational Leader”, which it describes as “a deeply personal programme for managers who have already experienced the challenges of leadership and want to grow on a professional and personal level.”

Students undergo a series of stretching transformational experiences that take place within a supportive environment to embrace their next level of development.

“The Transformational Leader takes participants on a journey beyond the traditional cognitive learning frame, including emotions and sensing as triggers for development. Participants will experience learning as a process of collective sense-making, in a safe environment. The program culminates in a reflective day immersed in the natural ecosystem of the Ashridge forest,” it said. 

The Schulich School of Business’ Transformational Leadership course is a five-day senior transformational leadership training programme that is developed exclusively for senior managers, VPs and executives who lead a growing number of business portfolios. 


Students need a minimum of five years of direct management experience to enrol in this advanced programme.

Among the things students can expect to learn include how to chart a new direction for their organisation through leading and managing change, set the context of transforming themselves and the organisation for a new era of digital technologies, and how to develop a winning strategy and create an execution plan to achieve and sustain competitive advantages, to name a few.

Cox School of Business’ Transformational Leadership course exposes students to a variety of topics including how to understand the key commitments for effective leadership, emotional intelligence and its role in leadership, what it means to be a coach-like leader and mentor, as well as how to drive results.